How to Enable Water Running Notifications on iPhone (iOS 14)

How to Enable Water Running Notifications on iPhone (iOS 14)

Apple released iOS 14 1st beta last week at WWDC 2022. This keynote brings some completely new features to the iPhone operating system. Apart from that, the tech giant revealed some amazing tweaks to existing iOS features. Although this is the first developer beta, the latest build system is stable enough for everyday use.

Predictably, there are plenty of other cool new features also debuting with iOS 14. Most of them weren’t covered at the WWDC presentation. In this guide, we will cover New Water Running notifications on iOS 14.

Water Running is one of the voice recognition features that you can find on the accessibility settings of your iPhone. If you don’t know this already, I will tell you how to enable this feature. Not only that, there is also a detection mechanism for doorbells, alarms, people talking, dogs barking, etc. All of these features are under Accessibility but can be used by anyone.

Typically, the features under accessibility are for people with special abilities. Maybe someone is hard of hearing and may not hear someone else knocking on the door. Or they may forget that the water tap is left open and water flows out. So, the device will warn them for it.

How to Enable Water Running Notifications on iPhone

Here’s how to access and activate the Water Running notification feature on iPhone (iOS 14):

  1. Open the app Settings (Arrangement).
  2. Scroll down to Accessibility. Tap to open it.
  3. Again scroll down to Sound Recognition and tap to open it.
  4. Tap the switch to enable Sounds Recognition.
  5. Then on the same page tap Sounds to select which sound you want to use to receive notifications.
  6. Then for various sounds, enable toggle next to it.
  7. Scroll around and you will see options water running. Tap the switch next to it to activate.

How to Enable Water Running Notifications on iPhone (iOS 14)-1

Now, when iPhone detects sound, you will receive notification about it on lock screen or home screen. I suggest that you use it to detect the sound of fire, running water, crying children, doorbell sound, etc. If you somehow so that you don’t hear the sound, soon your iPhone will alert you.

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So, if you have installed iOS 14 1st developer beta, then enable voice recognition and try this voice detection feature for various voices. I hope this guide was of interest to you.