How to End Phone Calls Professionally In Business

How to End Phone Calls Professionally In Business

There are several reasons why you should end a phone call. Maybe you’re on a deadline or need to move on to the next call, or maybe you’re talking to a chatty person and the call isn’t progressing.

Whatever your reason, it is always important to end phone calls politely and professionally while on business, ending calls politely and professionally means you leave the person on the other end with a good impression of you and your company.

Ending a call is as important as greeting the initial caller because this is your last chance to make sure the caller is completely satisfied with the service they received and that they hang up with a positive impression of your company. It’s also important to thank the caller for calling and provide a brief summary of the outcome of the conversation.

Use these business phone etiquette tips to make sure you’re always doing your best to keep callers happy. Here are some tips for ending phone calls politely and professionally:

1. Think first
Before you decide that you should end the phone call, make sure that part of the business conversation is over or has been delivered. You don’t want your callers to think that you’re avoiding the business at hand, or cutting them off. A good way to start hanging up the phone is to say, “Nice talking to you, is there anything else I can help you with?”

2. Always Be Professional
Choose what you say carefully. Again, you don’t want callers to feel like they’re getting a sweep. Avoid condescending in your words or the tone of your voice. Be assertive, but avoid being rude or rude and avoid making statements or asking questions that will prolong the conversation.

3. Set Time Limit
Part of any successful business is building relationships with your customers. This could mean listening to them talk about the holidays or their grandchildren. Personal attention to detail is essential if you are in sales.

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Here’s how to make sure you find a balance between polite chatter and wasted time: When you’re sure the business part of the call is over, look at the clock or call timer on your phone. Give the caller three or four more minutes to finish before you start finishing.

4. Hold Pause
Wait for the caller to pause in their conversation before jumping in with a fun end-of-call statement that makes it clear that you are directing the call to completion. As an example:

“Well, congratulations on the new house! Sorry I have to end this conversation so I can take the next call, but please let me know if there’s anything else you need. You have my number, right?”
“Nice talking to you. Can we arrange a time for our next call?”
“Always a pleasure to hear from you. Is there anything else you need before we finish?”

5. Offer Alternatives
You may have a method other than the telephone that people can use to contact you. This could include email, texting, web chat, or even your secretary or assistant. If your phone call is better served by one of these alternative forms of communication, turn the conversation around.

For example, if an email would be an easier way to receive this same information, then ask the caller to follow up on your inbox: “I know you’re a very busy person, but here’s my email address, in case you need anything else.”

You can also tell them how they can contact your assistant or someone who can handle additional issues or concerns. Better yet, offer to transfer it directly to that person.

6. Always Say Thank You
Thank the caller for calling and summarizing what you did for the customer.
Example: “Thank you for calling. Your order for overnight delivery has been placed and you can expect it to be delivered within the next 24 hours. “
Example: “Thank you for calling. We really appreciate your order and it’s a pleasure to do business with you. ”

7. Offer to Help
Offer future help by telling customers how to contact you or your company.
Example : If you need additional assistance, please call us back at 800-xxx-xxxx.

These are tips for ending phone calls politely and professionally when doing business. Hopefully this article is useful and thank you for visiting.