How to Enter FYP TikTok Think Like This

How to Enter FYP TikTok — Most TikTok users always want their videos to be FYP. When you enter FYP, the video has the opportunity to get lots of likes and comments. Is there an easy way to enter FYP TikTok?

To discuss this in more detail, please try to read our article below. We will give some tips on how to get TikTok videos into FYP.

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What is TikTok FYP?

First of all, you have to understand what FYP TikTok is.

FYP stands for For Your Page. Fyp is commonly called the TikTok homepage. This means that the videos you see when you open the TikTok app.

How to enter FYP TikTok
How to enter FYP TikTok

That’s roughly what TikTok’s FYP means. If your video enters the FYP of other TikTok users, it is very likely that the video will get a large number of likes or comments so that your video will go viral. That way, your followers will definitely increase quickly.

How to Enter FYP TikTok easily

Many TikTok users are curious about how to enter FYP TikTok. This is because surely all TikTok users want their videos to go viral and get a lot of followers.

What you have to understand is that every TikTok video has the same FYP entry opportunity. So it depends on how you can optimize your videos to get into TikTok FYP. If you feel that you are still not able to optimize your TikTok videos for Fyp then we have some tips for you.

You can apply these tips to enter FYP TikTok directly in your videos. But remember, what we share is not a 100% guarantee that your TikTok videos will enter FYP. Therefore, just apply it first so you know the results.

Then let’s discuss one by one tips from us.

Copy Trending TikTok Videos

So that your video has a big chance to enter FYP, then please see what videos are trending in FYP. We recommend that you try to imitate it so you can have a big chance of entering FYP. So make trending videos, not old ones.

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Do you still remember the harlem shake challenge, jellyfish shake, hand emoji challenge, and many others. The video went viral on TikTok and now of course it doesn’t anymore. However, if you have the opportunity to remake a trending video then we are sure you will enter FYP.

Create New Video with Your Creativity

We think when you have a brilliant idea to make a TikTok video then just make it, who knows your video will go viral and become the latest trend on TikTok.

Make Videos That Make You Curious

We recommend that you make videos in several but interesting parts. So when the first part of the video has been seen by many people, don’t finish it right away. Make a continuation of the story so that your audience is curious.

Create Questionable Videos

Our suggestion, you can also make a video where the caption is a question. This is like a trick from a YouTuber to get engagement from his subscribers. So that the content created is the share of followers who answer every question you raise in your videos.

Record Video with Good Quality.

Basically, videos uploaded on TikTok that are of good quality will certainly be the main choice of many users. Videos with poor quality will certainly have a smaller chance to be watched. So from there you must also have video recordings of unusual quality.

Use Just Relevant Hashtags

Use popular hashtags (#). Add the hashtag #FYP / #foryourpage, then follow it with other hashtags that are also popular when you want to upload TikTok videos. Remember, don’t put too many hashtags, it’s not even good.

Dive into the TikTok Algorithm

To determine which videos will enter FYP, TikTok uses an algorithm that not many users understand. In general, think of it this way, TikTok will display the video you’ve just uploaded to your followers. If the video gets a positive response in the form of comments, likes, or shares then TikTok will show your video to more users.

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That way, it’s a good idea to understand how TikTok works like this. That’s it that understands TikTok not TikTok that has to understand you.


How, easy is not the tips above? The next step is immediately put into practice to find out the results. The point is you need to make videos that are interesting for the audience.