How to Flash OPPO 2022

How to Flash Oppo HP

How to Flash Oppo HP – So many problems that must be faced by smartphone users in general.

Various types of damage can be experienced by all brands of Android smartphones, as well as Oppo cellphones and are usually triggered by the time factor of use.

This condition is often confusing for users and it is not uncommon for someone to take their cellphones to service providers several times.

And one of the problems that often arise on cellphones is that they often experience bootloop.

Because of this problem, where the Oppo cellphone can only issue the Oppo logo when it is about to be turned on and it certainly cannot make you enter the main menu.

There are also other problems that are often experienced, such as you forget your password or the password on your cellphone.

Not to mention the other problems where the Oppo cellphone is slow which makes it difficult for you to use it to chat, make calls, open social media, even cellphone lags when playing games.

For this reason, in the discussion of this article, we have prepared how to flash an Oppo cellphone and can restore the condition of your cellphone to its original state so that it can be used normally again.

Through the discussion that we provide, it is hoped that you can fix the problem on your cellphone by reinstalling it.

And how to flash or hard reset Oppo that we share is not a difficult way and for more details, keep reading this article until the end!

How to Flash Oppo HP

1. How to Flash Oppo HP Without PC

How to Flash Oppo HP
How to Flash an Oppo cellphone without a PC

Just information about how this flash can restore cellphone conditions such as factory settings or default aliases.

You can use this method when all methods can no longer be done because the condition on your cellphone is very severe and is spreading everywhere.

Flashing Oppo Hp you can do without having to use the help of a computer or PC.

Now what you need to know, how can you do to restore the condition of the cellphone to be like before? So please follow the steps below carefully and thoroughly.

Here are the steps on how to flash an Oppo cellphone that you can follow:

  • You have to prepare Oppo firmware; All you have to do is prepare the Oppo firmware, it can be said that the Oppo firmware is the main ingredient and the material that must be prepared first before going to the other steps and to be able to get the firmware.

Complete Oppo Firmware Download Link for All Types

  • Enter the firmware into the smartphone; If you have finished downloading the firmware, all you have to do is enter the Oppo firmware into the smartphone. You can decide for yourself whether you want to insert the firmware into external memory or in internal memory. But if you want to store it on the internal memory, you have to make sure that the storage capacity is still more than enough and don’t let the internal memory only make the smartphone send a “device memory full” notification.
  • Oppo Flashing Process; You can use the power and volume buttons for the install process. But before that, you make sure that your cellphone battery still has a lot left, which is roughly above 75%. If it’s under it’s better to charge it first.
  • Next you have to turn off the smartphone. If your Android smartphone can’t turn off because of a bootloop problem. You can open the battery and put it back in. For cellphones that use a built-in battery, you have to be careful doing it and don’t let it go off with your hands. If you are not experienced, you can use the next method so that you can still enter Android recovery mode.
  • The next step, when the cellphone is off, press the power button + volume down at the same time. You have to keep pressing it until the Oppo logo appears. Then the “recovery mode” screen will appear. And you can decide if you want to use English or another language.
  • If you have selected the language, then select “wipe and cache” the goal is to make flashing run normally and cleanly. If so, all you have to do is press install by specifying the firmware that you previously downloaded.
  • This process takes quite a long time. If it’s finished, you can choose “reboot”, then the smartphone will automatically run the reboot process. Just for information that you can use the power button to “OK” and the volume buttons to navigate up and down.

2. How to Flash Oppo Hp That Failed to Enter the Main Menu (Bootloop)

How to Flash Oppo HP
How to flash an Oppo cellphone that fails to enter the main menu (Bootloop)

The next method is one solution for your smartphone that fails to enter the main menu, the popular term is Hp Bootloop.

Even though you managed to log in, your cellphone is so slow that just clicking on one of the menus will make you really have trouble.

Then what is the factory reset solution for your Oppo cellphone?

Here’s how to flash an Oppo cellphone that fails to enter the main menu:

  • Make sure your smartphone is turned off. If in the process of turning off the cellphone it turns out that only the Oppo logo appears, then turn it off by removing the battery.
  • Then, turn on the cellphone by pressing the “power button + volume down button” at the same time. If successful, you will enter the “recovery” screen.
  • Next, select the language according to your taste.
  • After that, select “wipe and cache”. You can use the volume up and down buttons as navigation buttons. And you can also use the power button as the “Ok” button.
  • The flashing process will automatically run and you just have to wait a while until the flashing process is complete.
  • Then, don’t forget to choose reboot where your cellphone will restart and wait until your Oppo cellphone enters the main display.

The final word

You already know how to flash Oppo and it turns out that it is very easy to do it, so you no longer need to take it to a repairman.

If you want to flash an Oppo cellphone, you can try using the method above.

You can flash using the method above not only for Oppo cellphones but also for all cellphone brands.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about how to flash Oppo cellphone. That’s all and good luck.