How to Get Free Webtoon Coins in 3 Steps

To this day, Webtoon is still paid. So it’s not surprising that many users are looking for ways to get free Webtoon coins. Previously, webtoons did not require every reader to use virtual currency to read one of their comics. But after everything has developed, Webtoon is now only readable if you want to spend some virtual money.

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But the problem is, we believe and firmly believe that not all Webtoon readers are rich people. In fact, from our experience, there are actually a lot of middle/high school students who are fans of this Webtoon. So how do you get free webtoon coins for them? Don’t worry, we have 3 ways for you to get Webtoon coins for free.

So below we will explain in detail how to get free Line Webtoon coins. Of course, this must be liked by many people because it will not spend a penny. Yes, we remind you, you don’t spend money, but you spend a quota to get this free webtoon coin.

How To Get Free Webtoon Coins Easily

Here we will explain 3 ways to get free webtoon coins. So you have many choices when you want to get those free Webtoon coins. Besides that, if one of the methods that we share doesn’t work, then you can try another method.

How to get free Webtoon coins
How to get free Webtoon coins

We have compiled ways to get free coins on Webtoon from various sources. It’s just that we are more inclined to the 3 ways below which we think can indeed be successful to get webtoon coins for free.

Read on below to make it clearer, we suggest you just try it right away to find out if our tips for getting free coins on this Webtoon work or not. Then don’t forget to share your experience with us so that it becomes an illustration of the results of our tutorial to all of you.

How to Get Free Webtoon Coins with Daily Login

Want to know how to get free webtoon coins from Webtoon app itself? It turned out to be very easy. You please login to the Webtoon application every day and immediately read any episode on the webtoon so that you can get the opportunity to get free coins on Webtoon.

If you have logged in to the Webtoon application, then immediately check the stamp and then read at least 1 episode of any kind. Then for 10 days collect 10 stamps regularly. So when you do this method well, the chances of getting free Webtoon coins are also higher.

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But for the record, we cannot guarantee whether the event is still running on Webtoon or not. So Webtoon can cancel the event at any time. If it’s still there, then just join immediately to get free coins on Webtoon.

How To Get Free Webtoon Coins from Hago Money Tree

If you, apart from being a Webtoon lover, also like playing Hago games, then you can take advantage of your Hago games to get free Webtoon coins. Through an event called the Hago money tree, you can get some money that you can use to buy credit. Then you can buy the credits for coins on Webtoon.

You can collect Rupiah coffers in Hago by watering your Hago tree every day with Hago water. Air Hago you can get by completing tasks. These tasks include fetching water in the morning/afternoon/evening, playing PvP games, and sharing with friends to get help.

So the more water you water, the faster your Hago tree will grow. That way, the money from your Hago Tree will continue to appear and you can harvest. When the harvest money from the Hago tree is enough, you can exchange it for a number of pulses. You can buy this credit for free Webtoon coins.

How to Get Free Webtoon Coins from Point Gift Wallet

There are several types of payment methods for purchasing coins on Webtoon, for example by credit, credit cards, Indomaret, debit cards, and Google Play Gift Cards.

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Well, one application that might be able to give you a gift in the form of a google play gift card balance is the Gift Wallet application. The Gift Wallet application has been proven by many people because it has given a gift in the form of a google play gift if you complete the tasks in it and collect the points.

Therefore, please do all the tasks to get a lot of points and when you reach the redemption threshold, immediately exchange it for the Google Play Gift. Then buy the free webtoon coins.


We think that’s enough explanation about how to get free webtoon coins. We hope that what we have said above is useful for you. Don’t forget to try.