How to get Gloo Wall Free Fire 2022 skin

How to Get Gloo Wall Free Fire Skin – As we know that Gloo Wall is one of the unique features in the Free Fire game.

Where it is in the form of a grenade which when thrown will form a shield or wall.

Later you can use the wall as a place to take refuge from enemies.

Gloo Wall itself is often used when shooting in the open, where usually there are no objects that can be used to hide or take cover from the enemy.

For this year’s Valentine event, Garena Free Fire will also release a special Gloo Wall Skin with the name Power Of Love.

With a Valentine theme, of course the motifs and designs of Skin Gloo Wall will be themed with love.

The dominant color used is pink with a winged heart on the front. In addition, it is equipped with the words Power Of Love.

The free Fire game has also prepared many interesting events with the Valentine theme. One of them is the Gloo Wall Power Of Love event.

You shouldn’t miss this opportunity, when else can you get Gloo Wall Skin for free.

So, please see how to get Gloo Wall Free Fire Skin below.

How to Get Gloo Wall Free Fire Skin

Gloo Wall Skin Free Fire Power of Love

Gloo Wall Free Fire Power Of Love skin has a color combination of pink and black, in the middle there is an image of a winged heart and a crown.

On the inside of the heart there is the inscription “Power Of Love” which means the power of love.

There is another leak of Gloo Wall Free Fire Skin, this will be one part of a good Skin, of course it will give you great power.

By using a skin like this, your defensive power will be better than before.

Because you will have another chance to take cover with an attractive Gloo Wall Skin.

Many new things are already present and you should not miss it, moreover the information that is present now will help you a lot.

How to Get Gloo Wall Skin Free Fire Power of Love for Free

This Power of Love skin will be used as a top up reward, where to get a special Gloo Wall Valentine 2022 skin you only need to top up a minimum of 140 diamonds.

Of course, it’s not too big a sum, right? If it’s converted into rupiah, it’s only about 20 thousand.

Did you say free? why do you have to top up?

As mentioned above, this Power of Love Skin will be a top up bonus reward that you can claim.

In other words, you will get it for free if you top up a minimum of 140 diamonds or about 20 thousand rupiah.

The diamonds that you have purchased will not decrease, so they can be used to buy other items or skins.

Here’s how to get Gloo Wall Free Fire Skin:

  • First, please top up a minimum of 140 diamonds.
  • Make sure you top up legally in a trusted place.
  • Next, open your free fire game account.
  • Select the Event option > Top Up Bonus.
  • So there you just click Take or Claim.
  • Then you have managed to get the skin for free.
  • You just need to find and use it in ingame.
  • It’s easy, right? Don’t miss this event!

The final word

That’s a brief discussion about how to get Gloo Wall Free Fire Skin Power of Love for free.

You really have to have this special Valentine’s skin. Because in terms of design it is very cool and attractive.

Don’t miss this great opportunity, you’ll regret it later.

Hopefully this article can help and add to your insight about the Free Fire Game.

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