How to Get Gulag Redeploy Tokens in Call of Duty Warzone

How to Get Gulag Redeploy Tokens in Call of Duty Warzone

Call Of Duty Warzone comes with a lot of features and there are some features that you may not be aware of. It’s been six months since Warzone was introduced but in this short span of time the popularity Warzone has received has been quite remarkable.

Now as mentioned above there are many features in Warzone, and in this article, we are going to take a look at one of them. Some of you might know this feature but don’t know how to get this feature, while others might not even know about this feature.

The feature that I will discuss is the Gulag Redeploy Token feature. What is its function? How to get it? This article will tell you everything you need to know about this unique feature in Warzone.

What is the Gulag Redeploy Token in Call of Duty Warzone?

The Redeploy Gulag Token is one of the rare and valuable items that you can get in Call Of Duty Warzone. This is indeed a very rare item and reports of players getting these tokens are also very few. Now, what can a player who earns a Gulag Redeploy Token do?

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When you die for the first time in a match, you can skip the one-0n-one fights which you would normally have to win with the gulag to respawn and move into the game. Gulag fights can be very time consuming and even difficult at times, and every second you waste fighting a Gulag is every second your team is at a disadvantage in the match.

You want to move back into the game as soon as possible and having the Redeploy Token can be very beneficial for you as you can skip the Gulag fight completely and respawn right away.

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How to Get Gulag Redeploy Tokens in Call of Duty Warzone

Once you get into the game, see all the Supply Boxes that you can find in the game. This is a very rare item and your chances of finding it in just a few tries are slim. If you find one of these tokens, it might be in one of the Legendary Chests. So make sure to check every Legendary Box you can find.

The Redeploy token looks like a golden hexagonal token that has a parachute with wings. When you aim for the token, you will see the label “Redeploy Token”. And it’s also very easy to spot as it just hovers on the ground when you find it, waiting for you to just collect it.

Once you collect it, it will be added to your arsenal and will be used automatically when you die for the first time in a match. You don’t have to waste your matches with the gulags, you will just be rehired to the match again.

So that’s how to get Redeploy Gulag Token in Call of Duty Warzone. Hopefully this article is useful for you. Thank you very much for your visit. Don’t forget to share yach.