How to Get Hearts in Choeaedol Easily

This time the Trick Area will discuss about how to get hearts in choeaedol. So please read if you are now running out of hearts in the choeaedol application. This heart is usually used to continue the question about the Korean artist that you are answering with the application and or you can use it to vote for your favorite K-Pop artist. So it’s kind of his life in playing the game.

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At a glance, the Choeaedol application is not only an application to answer about Korean artists but can also be used to vote for Korean artists that interest you. Votes here will be like the Baeksang Award event some time ago, while this time the event is called Soribada. So you can make your chosen artist a champion in a certain event.

Immediately, without further ado, let’s discuss first how to get hearts on Choeaedol. Hopefully what we convey below can be useful for you K-Pop fans.

How to Get Hearts on Choeaedol Quickly

The function of Hearti in the Choeaedol application is to vote for K-Pop artists that you support. So, when the heart in Choeaedol runs out, the vote will not be able to be done. That’s why many users are looking for ways to get hearts on Choeaedol.

How to Get Hearts in Choeaedol
How to Get Hearts in Choeaedol

If you are a K-Pop fan who is now taking part in this vote, then it never hurts to try the procedure on how to get hearts, which we convey below. Hopefully it fits and you can use it in your application.

Just take a look at this presentation so you don’t run out of hearts at Choeaedol. Since your vote is very important, use your heart as best you can. Don’t just vote for the artist you don’t like. Those whose names are K-Pop fans are usually very fanatical hehe.

How to Get Hearts in Choeaedol

Please try the procedure to get hearts in the Choeaedol application as we convey below.

  • You must be logged in to Choeaedol app You.
  • Tap in the top left corner.
  • Next you can choose a heart shop.
  • You can choose to see ad videos in the Free Heart Refill 1. You will get 30 free hearts from this.
  • You can invite friends to get extra hearts in the Choeaedol app.
  • How to invite friends to use Choeaedol is quite easy, namely press the heart button in the right corner, then you can select the button invite friends.
  • When the link you provided is clicked by your friends and then they register Choeaedol via the link then you will get 1000 hearts for free.
  • Done and you can apply it to your own Choeaedol account.

It’s just like that to get hearts in the Choeaedol application. Hopefully you can do it perfectly so you can get free hearts on Choeaedol which is a lot.

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So what can we explain about how to get hearts in Choeaedol. Hope it is useful. Don’t forget you try.