How To Get macOS Hot Corners On Windows 10

How To Get macOS Hot Corners On Windows 10

In this tutorial I will share how to get MacOS Hot Corners on Windows 10. HotCorners are a feature in macOS that allows users to trigger an action by moving the mouse cursor to a corner of the screen. This is a handy feature for quickly running tasks or launching apps.

HotCorners is a free program that brings the Hot Corners feature to Windows. It is an open source program hosted on GitHub. It allows you to set triggers for every corner of the screen. You can adjust each trigger as per your wish and also adjust the sensitivity of each angle separately so that you will not trigger the action accidentally. You can assign multiple Windows actions to angular triggers along with the option to launch custom apps.

What Are Hot Corners?

Apple’s macOS comes with a Hot Corners feature that turns each of the four corners of the screen into an action to be executed. It allows you to quickly access Notifications and other system features by moving the cursor to any of the four corners of the screen.

Similar features are also available on the Linux operating system via the GNOME desktop environment. Windows, on the other hand, does not have such a feature unless you install a new open-source application for Windows 10 called ‘ HotCorners ‘.

HotCorners is an open source JAVA based portable application created by developer Ashish Raju which lets you assign actions to all four corners using tray icon.

How To Get Hot Corners In Windows 10

For HotCorners to work on your Windows PC first make sure you have the latest version of Java runtime. If your computer doesn’t have Java Runtime installed, you can download the latest Java runtime and install it on your Windows PC.

Once Java is installed, simply click the download button below and download HotCorners from SourceForge. The link downloads a ZIP file to your computer, extract that ZIP file to get the Windows HotCorners executable file. Then, double click on that file to use HotCorners on your PC.

How to Use Hot Corners in Windows 10

To use Hot corners, first install it on your PC. Once installed, HotCorners will run automatically on startup and you can configure it by clicking on its icon located in the system tray.

Using this app, you can configure every corner to run the specified application, shut down the computer, log off Windows, turn off the screen, or open the Task Manager.

All these commands can be independently configured as desired for each corner as shown below.

How To Get macOS Hot Corners On Windows 10-1

For example, you can configure the app to launch Windows Calculator when you move the cursor to the top right corner of the screen. You can also configure it to open Task Manager, shut down, log out and lock your device.

How To Get macOS Hot Corners On Windows 10-2

Running that file opens a graphical user interface where you can customize each corner trigger as per your wish. You can activate any or all four corner triggers and choose an action for each. You can individually adjust the trigger sensitivity for each angle as well.

Here is a list of actions that you can assign to each corner of the screen:

  • sleep
  • Shutdown
  • Log-off
  • Lock
  • Screen Off
  • Open Task Manager
  • Mute
  • Un-Mute
  • Go to Desktop
  • Show All Windows
  • Launch Custom App

Red Thread | HotCorners is a handy little program that brings macOS HotCorners features to Windows. This program makes it easy for you to quickly access important actions on Windows desktop. However, this program only works with Windows 10 and is not yet compatible with multi-monitor setups.