How to get rid of the Meet Now icon in Windows 10

How to get rid of the Meet Now icon in Windows 10

This article discusses how to remove/hide Meet Now icon on Windows 10 PC and help you understand everything about the new “Meet Now” icon or button added to Windows 10 taskbar notification area (or system tray). We will try to unravel what is Meet Now? What was he really doing? How to install or add it to your Windows 10 device? How to uninstall or delete it? etc.

If we install the latest Windows 10 update on our PC or laptop, we see a new icon, namely Meet Now, which appears in the Taskbar notification area. The icon was recently introduced in Windows 10 Insider Preview builds for testing purposes.

The following screenshot shows the new Meet Now Icon present in the notification area of ​​the Windows 10 Taskbar:

How to get rid of the Meet Now icon in Windows 10-1

When you click on the Icon, it shows a fly-out containing 2 buttons: Create a meeting and Join a meeting.

What is the Meet Now Icon in Windows 10?

So, what exactly is Meet Now? Meet Now is a new feature introduced in the Skype app that allows users to invite and join other people to video calls or chats even if they don’t have a Skype account.

To make it easier for Windows 10 users, Microsoft decided to add a shortcut Icon directly to the Meet Now functionality to the Taskbar so that users can quickly and easily use the Meet Now feature of the Skype app.

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The Meet Now icon is added in the Windows cumulative update which is automatically installed via Windows Update in Windows 10.

What does Meet Now do in Windows 10?

Meet Now doesn’t depend on the Skype app, so even if you don’t have the Skype (or Microsoft Teams) app installed on your Windows 10 PC or if you uninstall and remove the Skype app from your Windows 10 computer, the Meet Now icon will be added to the taskbar via the latest Windows update.

The Meet Now icon is simply a shortcut, link, or placeholder to launch the Skype app (if installed) to create or join a meeting. If Skype is not installed on the device, the Meet Now Icon will launch the browser application with Skype Web opened in a tab.

How to remove the Meet Now icon in Windows 10

If you want to remove/hide the Meet Now icon from your Windows 10 PC and don’t want to use the Meet Now feature, this is very easy to do. Just right click on the Meet Now icon and select the option ” Hide ” from the context menu.

How to get rid of the Meet Now icon in Windows 10-2

There he is. This will permanently disable and remove the Meet Now Icon from Windows 10 Taskbar and you will never see it again.

You can also completely disable the Meet Now Icon using the Taskbar Settings page. Right click on an empty area on the Taskbar and select the option ”
Taskbar Settings “. Scroll down and click the link ”
Turn system icons on or off “. Now set the toggle button given next to the option ” Meet Now ” to Off.

How to get rid of the Meet Now icon in Windows 10-3

There he is. This will completely turn off the Meet Now Icon and Windows 10 will no longer show the Icon on the Taskbar.

Is there a Registry tweak to disable or remove the Meet Now Icon on the Windows 10 Taskbar? Yes. If you want a Registry tweak to disable or mass delete the Meet Now Icon on multiple Windows 10 devices, here are the Registry methods required:

Open the Registry editor and open the following key:


On the right side, make New DWORDset the name as
HideSCAMeetNow and set the value to 1 to hide the Meet Now Icon on the Taskbar.

How to get rid of the Meet Now icon in Windows 10-4

In future, if you want to show Meet Now Icon again, remove the above-mentioned DWORD from Registry editor.

PS: You have to restart the PC to apply the changes after making changes to the Registry editor.

What you need to know is that Meet Now is not a standalone program or application that is installed on your computer system. It’s just a placeholder to launch the Skype app or Skype for Web page. It is integrated into the Windows Shell. You can think of it as a core part of Windows 10 Shell like Icons or other Taskbar buttons like Cortana, Task View, Volume, Network, clock, Action Center, etc.

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That is why you will not see any uninstall option for Meet Now anywhere in Windows 10. It is a simple Icon which can be removed or hidden using the above mentioned method.

That’s how to remove/hide the Meet Now icon from the Windows 10 Taskbar. Hopefully this article is useful for you, thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.