How To Get Scarf Token Very Easy

How to Get Scarf Token — This time we will try to discuss this because it is for the Letda Hyper mask. So with the new event on Free Fire, it’s not surprising that you can get lots of prizes. One of them is the Letda Hyper mask which can be obtained by collecting Scarf tokens.

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Therefore, for those of you who want to know how to get a scarf token, you can follow our explanation below. Hopefully by following our explanation you will be able to get scarf tokens on Free Fire easily.

The procedure you can do to get Scarf FF tokens is as follows. You must follow our instructions so that you can get a large number of Scarf tokens in a short time.

How to Get Scarf Tokens in Free Fire

In the latest event Free Fire special RI independence day 2022 and at the same time in order to welcome the anniversary of Free Fire, you can find the Scarf event at Shop > Redeem > Scarf.

How to Get Scarf Token
How to Get Scarf Token

Generally, this mask is only for old Free Fire players, aka old players. So if the mask for the Hyper letda can be obtained by exchanging Scarf tokens, then like old players, they will cry blood because they must have bought them at a hefty price.

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Scarf tokens needed to exchange for this Letda Hyper mask are only 16. So you really have to be able to maximize the opportunity. For that, you have to follow what we are going to share today so you can get Scarf tokens on FF quickly.

How to Get FF Scarf Token

The steps to get a scarf token on FF are like this.

  • Please return to the lobby.
  • Then you tap Shop again.
  • In the normal section find a banner that says Buff Mask Box.
  • You must provide 25 diamonds to buy it.
  • Please just buy and if you are lucky then you will get Scarf tokens.
  • For the process of opening it, please go to Vault > Crate.
  • Now you open the Buff Mask Box that you have purchased one by one. Do not open immediately.
  • Just pray you get 16 Scarf tokens.

That way, you can definitely get Scarf tokens. I hope you don’t miss the event one bit.

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That’s how to get Scarf tokens in Free Fire. Hopefully you are not confused in reading the tutorial that we provide. Of course this will be very simple. You can check on the YouTube Channel for the problems above.