How to Get Shopee Loan 2022

How to Get Shopee Borrow
How to Get Shopee Borrow

How to Get Shopee Borrow – Shopee borrowing which is now available at Shopee is a facility as a development of the Shopee PayLater menu which was previously available.

Shopee Paylater is an interesting feature where customers are given the opportunity to shop but also pay for it later after one month or in installments within a few months.

Shopee Borrow is an instant credit feature for Shopee users, namely, how to get Shopee Loans, of course there are conditions that apply.

Those who get the opportunity to use Shopee Borrow are customers who often shop using Shopee PayLater.

Shopee Borrow in the Shopee application is divided into Shopee Borrow for buyers and Shopee Borrow for sellers.

Both are also almost the same in terms of the application process, but differ in the maximum loan limit that can be borrowed.

The Shopee Loan limit for consumers can reach Rp. 3 million and each user can also differ depending on the risk profile they have, while the limit for sellers can reach Rp. 5 million for loans.

here’s how to easily get a Shopee loan, see the explanation below.

How to Get Shopee Borrow

1. How to Get Shopee Borrow

How to Get Shopee Borrow
How to Get Shopee Borrow

How to get Shopee Borrow only for selected consumers, consumers can also activate Shopee Borrow only when they get an “invitation” from Shopee.

The form is that there is a new menu on Shopee, namely Shopee Borrow in the Shopee application.

There is no trick you can do to get selected and be able to use Shopee Borrow.

Users can also increase transactions from Shopee to strengthen reputation.

A good reputation is of course also a plus for Shopee willing to provide any kind of loan.

  • How to activate Shopee Borrow if there is this menu in Shopee is as follows
  • First open the Shopee application, tap the “Me” tab then tap the “Shopee Borrow” menu.
  • And tap Activate Now.
  • Type in your cellphone number, if you haven’t given a cellphone number that is connected to the Shopee application. Next is to input the requested OTP code.
  • Type in your name and cellphone number as your emergency contact data.
  • Next, complete the face verification via the prepared menu.

If your activation application is approved, a notification window will automatically appear and the amount of the loan limit obtained will automatically appear.

If in the Shopee application the “Shopee Borrow” tab does not appear, it means that you are not selected at Shopee borrow.

2. How to Apply for a Shopee Loan

How to Get Shopee Borrow
How to Apply for a Shopee Loan

Once the activation step is completed, the next step is the loan application stage.

Here’s how to get a Shopee loan:

  • Open the Shopee application, go to the My tab and select ShopeePinjam.
  • Next, a menu will be displayed to apply for a loan, try tapping the Apply button then set the amount you will owe, after that also set the duration of the loan.
  • Next, specify a Bank Account to accommodate your borrowed money from Shopee, buyers can add a bank account by tapping the Add Bank Account button, tap the Continue button, then check that the name listed in your bank account used is the same as the one on your ID card. You can enter several bank account numbers, namely BNI, BCA, BRI, and Mandiri banks and banks that are owned.
  • After that tap the Apply Now button, then you’re done.

Do each of the previous steps so you can enjoy Shopee Borrow cash loans.

The maximum debt that Shopee can borrow and enjoy is up to Rp. 3 million only.

The procedure for this loan application usually takes a maximum of 2 working days.

Likewise, in the ACC, the money will automatically be transferred to the bank account that was previously registered in the Shopee account.

Wherever you borrow, interest must be borne.

Shopee borrow determines the interest rate of at least 2.45% / month with a handling fee of 3% / transaction.

Then a charge is also applied if the borrower is late in paying an installment of 5% of the amount of the installment.

In order not to be required to pay late fees, the borrower inevitably has to pay off the installments according to a predetermined time no later than the 5th of each month.

Users can also request more than 1 loan provided that the loan limit is still there.

In order to be able to request more than 1 Shopee Loan debt, the user must ensure that there is no such thing as a delay in paying installments, be it Shopee Loan or Shopee PayLater.

If the user’s track record is negative, Shopee will automatically reject the loan application.

How to get Shopee Borrow there is no other trick than increasing the frequency of purchases at Shopee.

With this facility at Shopee Borrow, selected Shopee consumers can request a cash loan where the submission mechanism is simple and the interest rate is very low.

The cash credit is very safe because the management company has been registered and monitored by the Financial Services Authority.

The final word

That’s the information we can give you about how to get a loan at Shopee that you can do.

The method above is very easy and you can try the method above to get a loan easily.

We hope this information can help you get money in a Shopee loan, and you can share it with your friends who use Shopee.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to get shopee borrow 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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