How to Give a Pre-Employment Rating at Tokopedia Easy

The Tricks Area will explain how to give a Pre-Employment rating on Tokopedia. After we explained yesterday about how to leave a review on Bukalapak Prakerja then we will continue here for those who are in Tokopedia. Therefore, read carefully so you don’t miss the information.

This is very important to discuss because if the Pre-Employment participant does not give a rating then the status is still not Finished. Therefore, if you have already purchased a course or training at Tokopedia, then it would be better for you to give a rating after you have done the course.

In more detail about the procedure for being able to provide a pre-employment rating at Tokopedia, you can follow our instructions below. Immediately without further length you can check. Remember that there are actually several ways to leave a Pre-Employment review on Tokopedia, but we chose the easiest.

How to Give a Pre-Employment Rating at Tokopedia Very Easy

By giving a pre-employment review or rating on Tokopedia, it means that in addition to completing the course you did at Tokopedia, you also provide feedback to the training provider in order to provide useful training for all Pre-employment participants.

How to Give a Pre-Employment Rating on Tokopedia
How to Give a Pre-Employment Rating on Tokopedia

So the review or rating is not only used to give value to the training that has been carried out but more than that, for example, for evaluation material for training providers so that in the future they can provide better training.

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Just check below, how to give a Pre-Employment review on Tokopedia. Hope this is useful for you all. We hope that you will try it right away to find out if it works or not. If it doesn’t fit, don’t forget to comment below.

How to Give a Pre-Employment Review on Tokopedia

To give a review on Tokopedia Pre-Employment, this is the way to go.

  • First, open your Tokopedia application.
  • Then just tap Account.
  • On page Transaction List tap Top Up & Billing.
  • Now you can choose your Pre-Employment training product.
  • Tap Write a Review in the Pre-Employment Card Transaction List.
  • Here you just fill in the review until you get a pop up that says Write Review Successful.

We think that this way, we are sure that you will succeed in giving a review on Tokopedia Pre-Employment. Just need to know that Tokopedia will collect training completion data every 18.00 on weekdays.

Furthermore, when the pre-employment training completion report has been received by the Implementing Management of the Pre-Employment Card Program, the Implementing Management will process your report within 7×24 hours working days.

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Finally, the Pre-Employment Training Management will update the participant certificate link on the Pre-Employment Card Dashboard page when indeed the results of the Pre-Employment training at Tokopedia have been completed to the rating stage as above.


That’s all for our explanation on how to give a Pre-Employment rating on Tokopedia. Hopefully what we have said above is useful for all of you. Of course the above is the easiest way we offer.