How to Give a Review on Bukalapak Easy Pre-Employment – ​​Tricks Area

How to give a review on Bukalapak Prakerja — The Tricks area will help you with how to rate on Bukalapak Prakerja. So this is usually done by pre-employment participants who have purchased and attended pre-employment training. Similar to feedback on training that has been offered by Pre-employment partners to participants in order to get a good or bad review.

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By providing a review of the training or courses offered by Pre-Employment partners in Bukalapak then the partner will get an assessment from Pre-employment participants on the courses they provide. It will be a good reciprocal relationship when this kind of thing happens.

So for those of you who want to provide a review on Bukalapak Prakerja, you can follow each of the steps that we provide below. Therefore, please read carefully so you don’t make a mistake. Hope it can help you all.

How to give a review on Bukalapak Pre-Employment is very easy

If you need a detailed guide to rating on Bukalapak pre-employment then you’ve come to the right place. Therefore, reading is the main thing for success in rating the Pre-employment Bukalapak.

How to give a review on Bukalapak Prakerja
How to give a review on Bukalapak Prakerja

Maybe some Pre-Employment participants don’t care about reviews. However, you need to know that giving a feedback rating can build Bukalapak’s performance as a Pre-Employment partner to be better in the future. That way, they won’t work on their own.

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You can follow the procedure so that you can leave a review on Bukalapak Pre-employment according to the instructions below. Of course, the first requirement is that you must have completed 100% Pre-Employment training before you can give a review. If not, then do it immediately.

How to give a rating on Bukalapak Prakerja

So that you can give a rating / review on Bukalapak Prakerja then you have at least completed the training you purchased reaching 100%. Say you buy graphic design training. So you have to complete this training first.

The next step is to leave a review after you have completed the training perfectly. This review is aimed at institutions that provide pre-employment training at Bukalapak, not to Bukalapak.

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So that’s the explanation of how to give a review on Bukalapak Prakerja. We hope that what we have conveyed is useful for all of you Pre-Employment participants who currently need this explanation in detail.