How to Hack CCTV with Termux 2022

How to Hack CCTV with Termux

How to Hack CCTV with Termux – For those of you who are looking for how to hack CCTV using the Termux application, we have provided the method in this article.

CCTV is a digital video camera device that is used to send signals to a monitor screen in a place or room.

So that CCTV serves to monitor or supervise the situation at the place to prevent the occurrence of various suspicious actions such as theft, persecution and others.

All activities in the place or room where CCTV is installed will be recorded and can be used as evidence to carry out the investigation process, if at any time acts of theft and others do occur.

Discussion on How to Hack CCTV with Termux

CCTV footage can be viewed live and will display some information such as the day, date, year and time of the recorded video.

In addition, CCTV recordings can also be hacked using the Termux application by operating or using the iPCS script.

Even hidden cameras around the world can be accessed if you use the iPCS script from Termux.

You must be curious, how do you do it? Instead of being curious, let’s just look at the following review on how to hack CCTV with Termux.

How to Hack CCTV with Termux

How to Hack CCTV with the Latest Termux

How to Hack CCTV with Termux
How to Hack CCTV with the Latest Termux

Termux is a hack application that can be used on many devices and objects, one of which is to hack CCTV.

As for how to hack CCTV with Termux as follows:

1. Install and run the Ipcs Termux script or command

  • Please download and install the Termux application via the Play Store or via the following link (Download the Termux App).
  • Then install the script by typing the command below:

pkg install python2 git

cheek install request

git clone

  • Wait until the process is complete and the script will be installed automatically.
  • Then run the script and write the command below:



  • The script has been successfully installed and runs immediately.

2. Choose a CCTV location and a list of cameras

There are eight countries where CCTV footage is available live and the footage can be viewed.

To view it, please select the numbers according to the order in the list and press enter. Example: Please press number 2 then press enter, if you want to see CCTV footage of Indonesia.

Number 2 was chosen because Indonesia is number 2 among other countries.

3. Determine the location of the CCTV camera

The next step, you will be asked to choose or specify a number that corresponds to the sequence of CCTV camera positions after the canyon you want to see is selected.

Each country has a different number of cameras, so you can enter an approximate number.

Example: Indonesia has 12 CCTV cameras, so that the recording can be seen, then press numbers 1-12 and then enter.

Meanwhile, to view recordings from other countries, the method is still the same, namely by entering the number of numbers from the camera list.

4. Access the link for hack results

Termux will continue the hack process according to the data that has been obtained, after you specify the country you want to view.

The hack results in the form of a link will appear and you can copy the link so that it can be accessed using a browser later.

Later live CCTV footage will be displayed by the link later.

5. Script or command to hack CCTV with Termux for 99 Countries

Termux script to hack CCTV for 99 Countries in 2022 is written in python language and is the main file.

The hacker script is fairly easy to install and run because it only requires the request module and the python package.

Here’s how to install and run the script:

  • Install the cam-hackers package and module, because that’s all you need by typing the command below:

pkg install python

pip install requests

  • Then clone the script file from the angel security team’s github repo using the git clone command and enter the github script link. But if you want it faster, you can also enter the script command below:

git clone

  • Then run the file in the previous cloned folder, then you have to open the folder so that the file is found by typing the following command:

cd Cam-Hackers

  • As for Run, just use the next command, namely:


  • Several country options will be displayed because the script is already running directly.
  • Enter the CCTV hack data in the form of a number from the list of countries by writing the numbers 1-90 then press enter.
  • The hacking process will be directly executed by the script.
  • While the link will be displayed on the Termux screen after the process is complete and that is the result of the CCTV hack process that has been run.
  • You can copy the hack results using one of the browsers for viewing.
  • Use a password because there are some links that require login access. For the password, you can use admin123 and the username is Admin.

The final word

That’s how to hack CCTV using the Termux application that can be learned and applied, so that you can view recordings from various countries.

Because the hacking process is quite long, we recommend that you study it as well as possible.

In order for the hack process to be carried out successfully and get the recording as desired.