How to Hack FB 2022

How to Hack FB

How to Hack FB – There are various ways of hacking carried out by hackers to find out someone’s data.

You need to know these methods to protect data privacy from social media hackers, especially vulnerable Facebook.

Who doesn’t know Facebook? As one of the most popular social media, we are sure that you already have an account for this service. However, it is unfortunate because its popularity has made it a boomerang and a nest for hackers who want to steal sensitive user data.

What’s more, not a few of us still use the date of year as a password or PIN code.

This data is the easiest and most frequently used way to hack, and loyal Facebook users should be more vigilant.

Discussion on How to Hack FB

As we explained earlier, how to hack through a PC with the forgotten password method is very often done by hackers.

They use this method to expedite the action, by knowing this trick you can be better educated to protect account security.

Generally this method is very common and commonly used by hackers, then what are the steps taken? The following is a review of how to hack Facebook that you can see.

How to Hack FB

1. How to Hack FB with Fake Login

How to Hack FB
How to Hack FB with Fake Login

Using the phishing method is very easy to do, especially if it is a way to trick users into submitting login information voluntarily.

With this FB hacking method, you will lure victims to the exact same fake login page, but actually have a different URL.

Like the usual steps, the victim will also enter an Email address and Password which will be stored in the Hacker’s Text File.

The text file will later be saved as a way to hack Facebook easily and quickly because the email and password are already available.

2. How to Hack FB with Keylogger

How to Hack FB
How to Hack FB with Keylogger

The easiest way that hackers use is to use the Keylogging technique, where this GeeHack facial method is becoming quite popular.

Hackers only need to install the app PC Keylogger or the victim’s laptop so that the program can record everything written by the victim in log form.

That way later the logs can be sent to hackers via a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) network or an Email address.

How to hijack FB using the Keylogger application has become so popular that Keylogger itself has now entered the Malware category.

3. How to Hack FB Using Termux

How to Hack FB
How to Hack FB Using Termux
One way to hack facebook that has become very popular in recent years is the Via trick Termux.

As software that brings Linux functionality to Android and allows users to run FB account hack scripts.

Actually, this FB hacking method is easy and difficult, even though it’s quite technical, but you can easily run scripts made by other users.

This method of using Termux is also very dangerous because it can be done without using HP Root and is done by everyone.

4. How to Hack FB Using ID Profile

How to Hack FB
How to Hack FB Using ID Profile

Beginner hackers will usually go to FB hacking service sites that are now widely scattered on the internet, such as using FaceSpy or Sam Hacker.

These websites generally only provide the victim’s Facebook account username which the service will process automatically.

This hacker community does have its own place around how to hijack FB and other social media, so you have to be more careful in accessing social media.

However, fortunately, this method of hacking FB through this username is quite difficult to access, so a fee is required from the applicant.

The final word

Those are some hacking methods that are often used by hackers, you can choose one of them to try.

If you intend to try you can use a personal account that is not used and does not belong to someone else so that it does not harm any party.

For those of you who want to hack Facebook with the Profile ID method, then prepare the required amount of money.

Hacking is illegal, criminal and not allowed, that’s why we don’t recommend you try it.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to hack FB. Thank you and hopefully useful.