How to Hide Files on Android With Files by Google

How to Hide Files on Android With Files by Google

Google has launched a feature Save Folder new in app
Files which you can use to hide files (documents, photos, videos) safely. Currently this app is in beta, but in a few days, it will be available in stable release. If you want to use it now, you will have to enroll in Google’s Files app beta program.

Basically what you do here is you can select files from internal or external storage and then move them to Save Folder in Files app. Save Folder is protected by a 4 digit pin which you have to set during initial configuration. And the same pin will be needed when you want to access the files which you have hidden in the Save Folder. As simple as that.

If you have some secret or private files which you want to keep in a safe place, then you don’t have to depend on external apps. Files by Google comes pre-installed on many Android devices and now with the help of Save Folder feature, you can protect any file or information. Any type of file be it PDF, image, video or anything accessible in your storage can be moved to Save Folder Files.

Save Folder has a protected window and for that reason you cannot take a screenshot. Thus, it gives you more privacy and avoids spying apps from snooping on your stuff.

Here’s how to use and hide files (PDFs, images, videos) on Android with the Files by Google app:

Now, keep in mind, you need to get the beta version of the app”Files” 1.0.323 via Play Store Beta Program. Or you can download it
from here.

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After installing that version of the app, follow the steps below to set up “Save Folder” Bro.

  1. Launch the app on your device by tapping on the icon “Files“.

  2. From the bottom menu bar, tap on “browse” to access your synced folders.

  3. On this page, you will find section “Collections” where will there be options “Save Folder“.

  4. Tap on “Save Folder” and you will be able to set up a 4-digit PIN for the folder.

  5. enter the PIN and you are ready to use it.
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Now, with “Save Folder” is set, you can now easily move your files from other folders to Save Folder to prevent other users from accessing them.

Here’s how you transfer files and media from other folders to “Save Folder“.

  1. Open the app”Files” and open any folder from the “browse“.

  2. Select the file you want to move to “Save Folder“.
  3. Long press on the selected file to enter “selection mode“.

  4. Tap the button “three dots” in the upper-right corner of the screen to open a pop-up menu.

  5. On this menu, Tap on the option “Move to Save Folder” to move your files to “Save Folder“.

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And there you have it, you can now hide your files or store your sensitive data in this PIN code protected folder. If you decide to delete any file from “Save Folder“, don’t worry about losing because the file will return to its original location.

Red Thread | If you want to have a secret folder on your phone, just use the Save Folder feature of the Files app. In most of the phones, it is available by default but if your phone doesn’t have it then you can always install it from Play Store.