How to Import Facebook Contacts to Gmail

How to Import Facebook Contacts to Gmail

This article describes how to import Facebook contacts into Gmail. This method allows you to move all your friends from Facebook to your Gmail contact list. There is no direct option to import Contacts from Facebook to Gmail. This method uses a Facebook feature that allows users to download their data.

To do this, we must first download a copy of our Facebook data, specifically the friends list. In this way, we have a list of our friends with all their information. This copy of Facebook data is an HTML file which we have to convert to CSV and then we can import it into Google Contacts. Eventually, the contacts will also appear in Gmail. So, let’s see how.

To import Facebook contacts into Gmail, we must first download our friends data from Facebook. To do this, go to Facebook and
login to account Bro. Click the drop-down option from the top right corner and select
Settings & Privacy. This expands the list of other privacy settings and options, click on Arrangement.

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In Settings, click the section Your Facebook Information from the navigation pane on the left. This brings various options for our Facebook information on the screen. Now, click Download Your Information from there.

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This opens a page where you can request a copy of your Facebook data. It lists all the data points that you can download. But for contacts, we only need Friend information. So, set the data range to
all data and format to HTML from above. Then, deselect all data points except friends and create your data file.

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Doing this will initiate your data request. Since you are only selecting friends’ information, it may take less time than downloading all the information. Click tab Copies Available from the download page. It shows your request law.

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When finished, click download which appears next to your data request. It downloads a ZIP file which you have to extract. When you do that, you will get the file friends.html. This is a file with the contact information of your Facebook friends.

Before importing this file into Gmail, you must first convert it to a CSV file. To do so, you can use any online HTML to CSV converter. Just upload the HTML file there and select CSV as output.

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Once you have the converted CSV file, open Google Contacts in your browser. Sign in to your Google account where you want to import contacts. When you log in to
Google Contactsclick options Import and upload CSV file there. In this way, you can successfully import Facebook contacts into your Google account which will also appear in Gmail.

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By following this tutorial, you can easily import your Facebook contacts into Gmail. Imported contacts have visible information on that person’s Facebook profile. You will only get their phone number and email if those details are visible to you on Facebook.