How to Increase KD Free Fire 2022

How to Increase Free Fire Code

How to Increase KD Free Fire -There is a way that Free Fire players can increase the KD of Free Fire.

KD or Kill death in free fire is a sign of a good player or not in playing, so you must be able to increase KD Free Fire.

The Free Fire game is one of the Battle Royale games on Android and Ios.

This game that has been played by many people in various circles, both children and adults, so that it can be chosen to be the best game at this time, various interesting features are displayed in this game. Free Fire mode has a system called KD Ratio or KD rate Free Fire in ranked mode.

KD is an average calculation that appears in Kill and Death in each game, to increase the KD value of Free Fire you have to kill more often and don’t die in battle.

The easiest and most effective way for you to increase KD on Free Fire is to kill as much as possible.

With more and more kills you get in matches, so you can increase the KD ratio in Free Fire.

The KD ratio value in the Free Fire game can be calculated from the number of kills in the Free Fire account, so players must get as many kills as possible in each game as a way to increase the KD of Free fire.

How to Increase KD Free Fire

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How to Increase the Latest KD Free Fire

How to increase KD Free Fire can be done quickly in the following ways:

1. You Get Off The Plane Find A Good Location

The first way to increase the KD Free Fire you have to do, is to see where the plane is flying, determine the place where you want to go, look for one that is quite safe.

Raising KD Free Fire, you can get various items, equipment and various weapons when you land in the right and safe place, and don’t let you go down or land in a crowded place, you can die quickly because you can’t find the right loot items. safe.

2. Initial Loot Focus Zone and Zone Two / Three Then Move

Raising Free Fire Kd easily can kill a lot on ranked Free Fire, can be used when playing where there are several Zones that have a smaller Phase, if you are outside the Zone, then you will get a fairly large Damage, prioritize Looting

When you reach Zones 2 and 3, you have to go out and look for enemies but don’t forget to run into the safe zone first.

3. How to Increase KD FF Playing With Rush

Many think that playing Rusher is progressing for how to increase KD Free fire is a wrong statement because Rusher is not advancing without a calculation but a strategy.

You have to consider how good a trick is, where the position of the opponent will hide so you don’t get trapped and die in vain. Make sure you use the Free Fire Rusher character so that you can help when rushing.

4. Increase KD Free Fire by Don’t Far From Your Teammates

Free Fire players are a Group game, you don’t play the game alone, the Battle Royale Free Fire game is a game that is played with your friends or groups.

Free Fire players must be in groups in order to win in every match, the easiest way to increase Free Fire’s KD is to kill many ranks that the players do, so you will get high KD when playing.

Rank level is one of the bets in this mode, so if you win automatically your Rank points will go up but if you lose, your rank points will go down and maybe even rank down.

5. Choose the Right Character

You can choose the appropriate character because each character used is a big influence to play better so you can win easily and one way to increase KD Free fire.

6. Use Mainstay Weapons

Weapons will really prove that you will find it easier to raise KD, to face the enemy is not that difficult even though the weapon has been used often and will provide its own strength for you later.

7. Mabar

This method will be easier, the enemy faced by the mabar or not, you have to be careful so that you don’t get into trouble while playing.

8. Use the Right Pet

Skills from Pets when competing will make you stronger than before, KD will also be easier to rise by using Pets how to increase KD Free fire the right way.

9. Always Pay Attention to Your Role

In the Free Fire game there is a role, you must be able to understand and understand the role of playing, by understanding the limits of the match it is easier and there is no need to worry anymore.

10. Learn From Pro Player

You can watch how Pro Players play Free Fire games, that way you can see how they can win, if Pro Players in Free Fire of course have high KD.

11. Bring Out Your Serious Ways to Play

You have to be able to play and increase your KD so that your KD ratio is high, so your opponent will not dare to face you in such a situation.

12. Always Get Lots of Kills

It’s not surprising or confusing if you have to get a lot of Kills to increase KD, you must really dare to kill the opponent you are facing, because it will help you in the process of increasing KD.

13. Keep Booyah

You have to play by getting lots of Booyah without having to get into trouble at all as a way to increase KD Free fire.

Booyah will add and increase KD for the better so don’t waste it.

14. Play in Ranked Mode

If you want to get KD to increase rapidly, it means you have to be able to play in Rankked Mode and of course in Ranked Mode, there will be a lot of KD that you can get

15. The Benefits of Throwing Items

In the match there must be a lot of very good Throwing Items, you must be able to use these Items well.

Like Gloo Wall, Grenade and Smoke Grenade, these items are quite important which will help you compete and increase KD Free Fire.

The final word

There is a way to increase the KD of Free Fire that Free Fire players can do easily because of the game.

The Free Fire game is one of the Battle Royal games on Android and Ios.

You can increase KD Free Fire easily by killing as many as possible.