How to Install Fortnite Game on Android Phone

How to Install Fortnite Game on Android Phone

How to Install Fortnite Game on Android Phone

Fortnite, one of the best online battle royale games has recently been released from the PlayStore and App Store. Such actions include justifications related to In-App purchase violations. Even Google forced Oneplus not to include Fortnite by default on their phones. But you can still play Fortnite on your phone. Here you will know how to install Fortnite on any version of Android phone after the game is removed from PlayStore and App Store.

The Fortnite game was removed from both app sources due to an in-app purchase affiliation. So there is no need to be afraid of security and you can still play games on your phone safely at least on Android phones. So if you have an Android phone and want to continue playing Fortnite, then this article will guide you to download and install Fortnite on your Android phone.

Fortnite is a popular and trusted game from Epic and it proves that even a single mistake can get your app blocked. But when Android phones come in handy, we can install third-party themes. And luckily it’s possible to run the Fortnite game on our phones with the same method.

Looking into the last few days of what’s happened with Epic games including Google and Apple, it’s unlikely the output will change anytime soon. Epic Games has sued Apple and Google for removing Fortnite from the App Store and Play Store.

Even if the ongoing claims are settled, we don’t know if the game will return on Android and iOS any time soon. But you can play this game if you have an Android phone and in this article I will share how to download and install Fortnite game on your Android phone.

Follow the steps below to download and install Fortnite game on your Android phone and enjoy one of the best battle royale games on your mobile.

Go to the Epic website
from here

and download the Epic Games app. Make sure to open the link only on your Android phone, then download it on your phone.

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Tap on the Apk which was downloaded earlier and install it on your phone.

If prompted to activate “Install from Unknown Source“, so allow.

After installing the Epic Games app, open it (Allow Epic Games to install the app if prompted).

In Epic Games, you will find titles Fortnite.

Tap Fortnite then tap the button Install. Make sure you have enough data to download the game.

Once downloaded, you can play the game Fortnite on your Android phone.

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It’s not a difficult process as the Epic installer makes it easy to get Fortnite in the same way we install from the Play Store. Well, if you have a Samsung phone, then it’s even easier to install Fortnite.

How to Install Fortnite Game on Samsung Phones

Samsung includes its own app store along with the Play Store on its Android devices. And until now the game Fortnite is still on the Galaxy App store. Meaning, you can directly install the Fortnite game from the app.

The process is quite simple, open the Galaxy store on your Samsung phone. Then search for the Fortnite game and directly install it on your phone.

On some devices, mostly OnePlus, the Fortnite installer doesn’t get installed on the phone (quite weird though). After tapping the APK, the device immediately gives a warning “App Not Installed“.

Actually Epic Games is already installed on your phone, but it runs in the background, and there is no direct way to launch it or open it. You also won’t find any shortcuts in the launcher. So to access Epic Games on OnePlus devices, you have to go through a different route. Follow the steps below.

Download and install Activity Launcher (Free)
from here

on your OnePlus device and open the app. Once the app is open, go to the bottom and find “Epic GamesExpand and open the first list.

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Soon, Epic Games will open and you can install Fortnite without any issues. You can also press and hold on the list to create a quick shortcut on the home screen. Just that.

how to install fortnite-2

So there you have it, two simple processes to download and install Fortnite on Android phones. Fortnite is a popular game or arguably one of the best Battle Royale games. And if you want to play this game, I hope this guide will help you to update or reinstall the game.