How to Live Streaming in PowerPoint

How to Live Streaming Presentations in PowerPoint

In this article I will share how to live stream in PowerPoint. Microsoft has added a new feature namely Present Live to PowerPoint. This new feature generates a public/private link and broadcasts the presentation on that link. Viewers can follow the link or scan a QR to join the stream and view the presentation remotely.

This new feature is currently available to customers Office 365. Presenters need an Office 365 subscription to live stream presentations whereas others can simply follow the link and join the presentation from anywhere on any device without PowerPoint and subscription. During a presentation, the presenter can activate the microphone and use the pen to draw on the slides and efficiently present the presentation remotely.

How to Live Streaming in PowerPoint

To be able to live stream in PowerPoint, you must use the Office 365 version of PowerPoint. You can make presentations there. If you already have a presentation then you can upload it to your Office 365 account and open it there.

While you are in the PowerPoint app, go to the Slide Show section of the ribbon menu. This opens up various options for presentations. These options include features Present Live. This feature has a drop down option where you can select your audience. This includes your organization or anyone else. If you want to live stream to your organization, select the option Only people in your organization. Note that, this requires viewers to have an Office 365 account in the same organization’s domain. And if you want to make it public then go to options Anyone.

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In both cases, when you start the presentation, it shows you the welcome screen. The Welcome screen gives you a link to the live screen along with a QR code. You can share all that with your audience to join the stream. This screen also shows you the real-time viewer count on the live stream. Once everyone is up, you can start the presentation.

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Presentation mode is similar to conventional presentation mode with the addition of several new features. The presentation has a black border where it shows the live streaming link at the top. This is only visible to the presenter and not to the audience.

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In the bottom left corner of the slide show, you get a toolbar where you can enable/disable microphone and pen to draw on top of the slide. Because slide shows are performed remotely, these features are essential for presentations. Apart from that, you also get navigation buttons to change sides, grid view, presentation stops, and session info. The session info option shows a link to the live stream along with the option to allow audience reactions on live steam.

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Red Thread | That’s how to use the new Office 365 features to live stream presentations from PowerPoint. With this feature, you don’t have to share screen again to send presentations or find other inefficient ways to present them remotely. This built-in feature makes it simple and easy with no need to share anything but the live stream link.