How to make a Group video call on Google Duo

How to make a Group video call on Google Duo

How to make a Group video call on Google Duo.| The world’s leading technology company, Google, has added link invites to its popular video calling platform, Google Duo. Users can now add others to the group chat using only the invite link. The feature, which is currently available for mobile devices, was first announced in May.

When the updated version of Google Duo first arrived on our phones, we could only add 4 contacts. Until mid-2022, Google increased the limit to 8 people. And now, as the world struggles to stay connected with friends and family amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the American tech giant is enabling its users to video call up to 12 people.

Sure, the Zoom app is great too, but if you are looking for video chat with friends, cool Google Duo effects, filters, fun UI, easy and fast calling, Google Duo is definitely the winner. And then there is a 40 minute limit on the Zoom app, while you can talk without any duration restrictions on Google Duo.

How to make a Group video call on Google Duo

How to make a Group video call on Google Duo-1

It’s very easy to make group video calls on Google Duo. By making a group video call on Google Duo, you can video call up to 12 people. Here are the steps that you have to do:

1. Download and open the Google Duo app from here. Open the app once installed, then register. You have to give it the necessary permissions.
2. Once the app is open, tap on the option ‘ Create a group ‘ in the bottom tab of your screen.
3. Select the person you want to make a group call with.

PS: Google Duo allows you to make group calls of up to 11 people in one call at the same time. You will have to make another call if you plan to have more participants.

4. Tap ‘ Finished ‘ at the bottom of your screen once you select a contact.
5. Google Duo will now display a dialog box asking you to name the group depending on your preferences. After you give the group name, tap on ‘ save ‘.
6. Now you will be able to see a list of all group participants on your screen. Tap the ‘ button Start ‘ at the bottom of your screen once you are ready to make a group call.

PS: You can also use the ‘ icon Message ‘ next to it if you want to communicate via text message with your group.

There you have it, you can now make group calls with your selected members on Google Duo.

Tips For Better Group Vidoe Call Experience

Activate low light mode

Google Duo has a low light mode which will make it easy for your participants to see your video feed if you are in a dark environment. Just tap ‘ Low light mode ‘ in the top left corner of your screen.

The low light mode will automatically adjust the exposure of your camera which will make it easier for your participants to see you in darker environments.

How to add contacts to your home screen
You can add your most frequently called contacts in Google Duo to your home screen for quick access. You will get a dialog box asking you to ‘ Add to home screen ‘ after you end the call with your frequent contact. Just tap ‘ Plus ‘ in this dialog box and Duo will automatically create a shortcut on your home screen.

Send a video/voice message before starting a group call
You can send a video or voice message to your contacts to notify them of the subject your group call is about to start. This will give your participants time to prepare as well as gather all the necessary things that they will need to take part in your meeting.

To send a video message just tap and hold on the relevant contact and a pop-up will appear on your screen. Tap on ‘ Record message ‘. It lets you record a 30 second video message for your contacts.