How to make Click BCA via HP 2022

How to make Klik BCA via cellphone

How to make Klik BCA via cellphone – Today’s new lifestyle makes banking services adjust, included in Internet Banking services.

Bank Central Asia (BCA), which is one of the largest banks in Indonesia, also provides internet banking services.

However, HP devices can only be used for verification after registering through an ATM machine.

How do I register for Klik BCA Individual? In this discussion we will share with you the information in detail.

Before we dive deeper into how to register, there are a few conditions that you need to fulfill.

  • Of course you must be a customer of Bank BCA and have an ATM card.
  • Prepare KTP, SIM, Passport, or KITAS.
  • Have an active email that is often used.

In order not to spend a lot of time, just look at how to make Klik BCA via HP in the review below. Listen to the end yaa!

How to make Klik BCA via cellphone

1. How to Make Klik BCA via HP or How to Register for BCA Internet Banking

How to make Klik BCA via cellphone
How to Make Klik BCA via HP or How to Register for BCA Internet Banking

There are two steps that must be done as a way to register or make Klik BCA, the first is that you register yourself at an ATM machine.

Second, activate it so that you can fully use BCA Individual Internet Banking.

Here are the steps or how to create a Klik BCA Account that you can use as a guide.

  • Please come to the nearest ATM.
  • Enter your ATM card and 6 digit PIN.
  • Select the E_Banking list menu.
  • select “Internet Banking”
  • Select “Yes” to continue.
  • Enter your KlikBCA PIN.
  • Continue by entering the KlikBCA PIN.
  • After that, wait for the receipt to come out indicating a successful transaction.

2. How to Activate BCA Internet Banking via HP

How to make Klik BCA via cellphone
How to Activate BCA Internet Banking via HP

After following how to make Klik BCA via cellphone or registering above, the next step is to activate BCA Internet Banking via cellphone, as follows.

  • Please open the ibank address
  • Enter the User ID listed on the receipt.
  • Then enter your KlikBCA PIN.
  • When logging in, a page will appear on the screen containing the terms and conditions, after ok select “Agree”.
  • Then enter an active Email address and select “Send”.

As mentioned earlier, registering at an ATM and activating on the KlikBCA website does not mean that you can fully use KlikBCA’s services.

The service you use is limited to checking your BCA account balance.

If you want to use other features, you must activate them at the BCA Bank branch office, where you will be given a KeyBCA or BCA token for transactions.

3. KlikBCA Benefits

How to make Klik BCA via cellphone
KlikBCA’s Advantages

By using BCA Individual Internet Banking, there are a number of benefits that can be obtained, including:

  • Guaranteed data security and confidentiality with KeyBCA.
  • Fund transactions become practical because there is no need to go to a bank or ATM.
  • Transactions are easier because they are done online.
  • BCA ATM card blocking can be done through KlikBCA Individual.
  • The appearance of Klik BCA is designed like a BCA ATM to make it easier to use.
  • Transactions that can be carried out are such as Purchases, Payments, Fund Transfers, e-Commerce Payments, Account Information, Transaction History, Administration and other information.

4. BCA Individual Internet Banking Features

How to make Klik BCA via cellphone
BCA Individual Internet Banking Features

The purpose of providing BCA Individual Internet Banking is to help you complete transactions and other banking matters in a short time.

The following are some of the features in Internet Banking BCA Individual, as follows.

  • Purchases: Used to buy refill vouchers, prepaid PLN, tickets and more.
  • Payment: Used to pay credit card bills, telephone, cellphone, internet, insurance, taxes, loans, PLN, PAM, BPJS, education money and other state securities.
  • Fund Transfer: Used to make transactions, ranging from transfers to BCA accounts, Sakuku, BCA Virtual Accounts, and other bank accounts.
  • E-Commerce Payments: Used to pay for online purchases at Merchants in collaboration with BCA.
  • Credit Card Information: Assist in checking the remaining BCA credit card limits, transaction history and the amount of credit card bills.
  • Account Information: Helps to find out information on balances, account mutations, BCA deposit balances, futures stages, to information on Customer Fund Accounts (RDN).
  • Investment Production: Help find out mutual fund balances, information on securities balances, information on consolidated securities balances, information on withdrawals of funds, information on state securities and others.
  • Consumer Credit Information: Contains loan information and loan payment history.
  • Other Information: Assist in finding out information on foreign exchange rates (e-Rate).
  • Transaction Status: In this feature you can find out the transactions made and you can cancel the transfer transactions whose status is pending.
  • Transaction History: Here you can find out all transactions that have been made for a maximum of 31 days.
  • Administration: You can change PIN, change language, delete transfer list, delete purchase list, delete payment list, credit card connection, delete credit card connection and more.

5. Forgot your KlikBCA User ID? Here’s How To Find Out

How to make Klik BCA via cellphone
Forgot your KlikBCA User ID? Here’s How To Find Out

The problem that often arises is when a customer forgets his registered User ID, and to get the KlikBCA User ID back, here’s how.

  • Insert your ATM card.
  • Then enter the 6 digit ATM PIN.
  • After that select the E-Banking / Autodebit Registration menu.
  • Select “Internet Banking”
  • Later the User ID will be displayed on the screen.
  • Good luck!

The final word

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