How to Make Phishing FF 2022

How to Make Phishing FF
How to make Phishing FF – For those of you who want to know how to create a Free Fire (FF) phishing link, in this article we have provided a way for you.

Free Fire is one of the most popular games on Android devices because it has a variety of features and attractive graphics.

With its popularity, it makes many people want to hack accounts from gamers, especially for novice players. Because to play this game, coins must be collected first so that they can be exchanged to buy some items to make it easier to play.

The way to do this hack is to create a phishing web account so you can phish your Free Fire account.

This FF account web phishing can be done easily even for beginners though.

Before doing so, there are several materials that you must waste including hosting, FF phishing scripts and email addresses that will be used to receive phishing results.

How to Make Phishing FF

1. How to Create a Phishing FF Web

How to Make Phishing FF
How to Create a Phishing FF Web

Here are the steps for making FF phishing that you can follow:

  • Download and install Script, Free Fire Bandit Script or FF Phishing Script;
  • After successfully installed, please extract the succesfb and successvk files on your Android device or PC. But we recommend using a PC because it’s easier, then edit the email.php file in the $emailku section and fill in the email address and save it using a text editor;
  • Recompress the edited file using the zip format;
  • Next, make a web phishing ff 000webhost on Android by registering hosting at 000webhost and to create a domain, please fill it in the column provided via the following link;
  • Please click Manage Website and upload the edited and extracted phishing script after you have finished creating the domain;
  • Checklist all the extracted script files in the folder then move or change the directory and tap on the change option to the public_html folder;
  • Next tap Select this and make sure the destination is in /public_html and there are 20 elements then click the Move button;
  • Open the folder with the name index.php then the FF game phishing website has been successfully created and can be distributed to several platforms such as chat applications or social media.

So that the victim is more confident and not suspicious, please add a shortlink to the phishing link.

Open the website in your browser to add a link and paste the phishing web link created earlier then click shorten.

Because using pastelinks or short links, your links will become shorter so that the original links from your website are not visible.

To make sure if the link is accessible, try to open your own FF phishing link so that the generator view appears.

That way, you will be asked to login to your FB account and please click get now then enter your email and password.

Then check whether there is a login box for the new login username and password or not in your email.

If successful, just spread the link or go directly to the target so that the FF account can be obtained.

2. Avoiding Fake FF Phishing Links

How to Make Phishing FF
Avoiding Fake FF Phishing Links

Try to always be careful when visiting links, especially for FF phishing links that are widely spread on social media or chat applications to avoid phishing acts.

Also avoid free FF diamond generator accounts and check the web address you access to make sure and if it looks unnatural it’s better to just leave it.

3. How to Overcome a Phishing or Hacked FF Account

How to Make Phishing FF
How to Overcome a Phishing or Hacked FF Account

If your account is hacked then immediately verify to resolve it and contact the game support and then follow the steps from them.

So your FF account will come back again in no time.

Hacked account apks are difficult to find for Android devices because what is available is only web-based or tools such as termux and others.

The final word

You can use the above method to make FF phishing and it’s easy to do even for beginners though.

But it is recommended that it be used for learning only.

Because if it is done for hacking, it will harm other people.

That’s the entire contents of our article this time about how to make phishing FF 2022. That’s all and good luck.