How to Make Still Photos Dance

How to Make Still Photos Dance

In this blog post, I will share how to turn a still photo into a dance with the help of an amazing app called Jiggy. Jiggy is a funny dance GIF maker app which is used to make anyone dance on photo. AI based app which means it takes your photos fully visible and it instantly turns your photos into dancing photos.

This app offers various videos of dancing and dancing styles that you can choose to apply to your photos. You don’t need to edit manually, Jiggy app makes it instantly automatic for you. Apart from dancing GIFs, you can use other funny holiday backgrounds for dancing.

How to Make Still Photos Dance

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To make fun dance videos, you can use an app called Jiggy. This is a funny dance GIF maker app that makes anyone dance on photo. The Jiggy application download link for Android and iOS I provide at the end of this article.

The main role of this app is to bring your photos to life and make you dance funny. You just need to import the complete photo and the app converts it into a dancing GIF. Let’s see how to use this application.

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So, once you install the app, you can launch it to make funny dance moves. On the homepage, the app shows the option to take a photo or upload a photo from your phone gallery.

Make sure the photo is really visible. This app only recognizes half photos or full photos. Selfie does not support to create dancing GIF.

When the image is imported, you will see the dance video below it successively. At this point, you can choose a dance step and you will see yourself dancing on it in real-time.

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With just one tap, you can change the dance style. This app offers a good collection of funny dance videos. There you will also find holiday cards, you can use them too.

This app embeds a small watermark on the bottom right. But I am sure, you will like the app and share photos with other social media platforms.

Red thread: Jiggy is a free dancing GIF maker app with purpose for fun. Just by selecting a photo, you can select the dance you want to apply to the photo and then you will see the magic. In the photo, you can make yourself move and dance merrily.