How to Make Tik Tok Gallery Photos Easily

Want to know how to make a tik tok photo gallery? If yes then this guide is for you. TikTok is now rivaling the popularity of Instagram. TikTok does provide very interesting short videos, much more interesting than on Instagram. This is because TikTok includes a wider variety of templates or filter effects when compared to Instagram. No wonder TikTok has been able to compete to this degree.

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Recently, TikTok users wanted to find out how to create a TikTok photo gallery. You need to know that TikTok in the form of gallery photos is very interesting to make because it can show off a row of your favorite photos stored in the cellphone gallery into a series of photos on TikTok.

If you want to know how the procedure is to be able to make a photo gallery tiktok then please keep reading this guide until it’s finished. We have adjusted to one of the youtube channels that has posted a video regarding this. So make sure you watch it as this will only give you a small summary of the video.

How to Make Tik Tok Photo Gallery Simple

What is clear is that before this guide begins, you must have prepared the photos in your gallery that are ready to be selected as a gallery photo tiktok video. Then, also check the readiness of your TikTok application. Because sometimes the features that we will convey here are not in your TikTok application.

How to Make Tik Tok Photo Gallery
How to Make Tik Tok Photo Gallery

The feature is MV. A place where you can download your gallery photo templates that will be used to display your photos into rows. Well, when it turns out that the feature is in your TikTok app then that’s fine. You just follow our presentation.

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The procedure for being able to make a photo gallery video tiktok is more or less like the following. You can try right away. Don’t forget to check whether the features we mean are in your application or not. This will determine the success or failure factor in making this tiktok video.

How to Make TikTok Photo Gallery Easy

The steps in making are more or less like the following.

  • Open the app TikTok You.
  • Then tap the + sign as usual.
  • Swipe right navigate to section MV.
  • Select Photo in this case it’s actually your photo template.
  • Wait for it to finish, then you will be directed to your cellphone photo gallery.
  • Please select the photo that you want to make a video. Click OK if you have.
  • Now you can add music etc to your gallery photos. If it’s good, click Next.
  • You can fill in the caption, hashtag etc. then tap Post.

By following our explanation above, you have successfully created a tiktok photo gallery. The point is, just try it first, whether it works or not, that’s a matter of hindsight.


That’s what we can convey, hopefully the above tutorial on how to make a tik tok photo gallery is useful for all of you. Don’t forget to continue to support our site.