How to Measure Land Area Using Google Maps

How to Measure Land Area Using Google Maps

On this occasion I made tutorial how to measure land area using Google Maps. Yes, if you want to measure a plot of land, you don’t need to hire a professional to get an approximate size. Google Maps can help you measure land in any shape in square and square meters.

Of course, the measurements will not be as precise as physical measurements, but they will be accurate enough to give any estimate of land size to develop a discussion. Let’s see how you can measure an area on Google Maps.

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Measuring Land Area Using Google Maps

Unlike measuring distances, measuring land is not possible on the Google Maps mobile app. You have to use the desktop version of Google Maps to measure an area. Here’s how:

PS: For better precision it is highly recommended to switch Google Maps to satellite mode because you will be able to see the actual shape of the land.

Zoom in on the ground or property you want to measure until you can see well enough to draw the boundary (the closer, the better). Now right click in the corner of properties and select option Measure distance to drop the starting point.

How to Measure Land Area Using Google Maps-1

You can use left click to drop more dots to create borders. You have to completely create a boundary using these points until you reach the starting point again and click on it. As soon as the full boundary is created, the land size in square meters and square meters will be shown below.

For precision, you have to drop multiple points to cover every curve on the ground. The shape of the ground doesn’t matter as long as you drop enough points to create a perfect boundary.

How to Measure Land Area Using Google Maps-2

Each point can also be dragged, so that you can adjust the falling point for more precision if needed. To remove a dot, just left click on it and it will be deleted.

Measuring Land Area on Google Maps Using Third Party Tools

If you need to frequently measure the area on Google Maps, then I recommend you to use a third-party tool. Google Maps’ built-in area calculator is a bit limited in features. For example, Google Maps is limited to showing measurements in square footage and square meters only, what if you need to measure in hectares on Google Maps? This is where third party tools will help you.

Although there are many area calculator tools for Google Maps but I would recommend DaftLogic Area Calculator for its ease of use and completely free.

Open DaftLogic’s Google Maps Area Calculator and at the top provide the required location using several methods, including text search, ZIP code, UK Postal Code, GPS coordinates and current location.

How to Measure Land Area Using Google Maps-3

Now left click on the ground corner to drop pins and keep dropping pins to create borders. The map will automatically fill the area with color to make it easier to distinguish the selected area. Line and fill color, both can be changed if needed.

How to Measure Land Area Using Google Maps-4

Once the land line is drawn, DaftLogic will show its size at the bottom in square meters, hectares, square miles and square kilometers.

How to Measure Land Area Using Google Maps-5

Using this tool is similar to the built-in Google Maps tool. You left click to place a point and right click to delete one. Each point can be dragged to adjust as needed, and you can enable/disable markers for better visibility.

You can also use options Create New Area at the bottom to measure multiple areas on the map at the same time.

Overall, DaftLogic provides more control over the measuring area on Google Maps and offers measurements in the units of measurement that are needed most as well.

Red Thread | If you are running a real estate business, then you will surely find this Google Maps feature very useful. It’s definitely not accurate, but if you need to quickly provide a property estimate, then it’s perfect.