How to Mute When Calling WA 2022

How to Mute When Calling WA

How to Mute When Calling WA– If you are a WhatsApp user, we will give you some information on how to turn off the sound when calling WA.

WhatsApp is a chat application that is quite popular among children, teenagers and even parents.

The way you don’t get distracted online on WhatsApp with voice calls can be done without using WhastApp mute.

You also don’t need to download third-party applications such as GP WhatsApp or other third-party applications.

At certain times sometimes you don’t want to be disturbed by other people when you are online, especially when you are playing mobile games and others.

To prevent this, you need to use the latest features from WhatsApp so you can’t be disturbed anymore when playing games or doing tasks.

With this feature, you can easily turn off WhatsApp notifications that annoy you.

Discussion on how to mute when calling WA

To use this feature, you only need to have sufficient credit or a stable internet network.

However, by disabling calls on WhatsApp you can try as an alternative.
In order for this feature to be used, you must meet several conditions and one of the conditions is that the Mute feature will appear if you have more than 51 messages that enter your WhatsApp. So, if there are only one or two messages that enter your WhatsApp, then you will not be able to find this feature. But if you look at its function, of course this feature is very helpful for you and makes you not disturbed by the many incoming messages.

If you want to try this feature on the WhatsApp application, you can try the steps on how to mute on a WA phone as in the review below.

How to Mute When Calling WA

1. How to Mute When Calling WA Without Hassle

How to Mute When Calling WA
How to Mute When Calling WA Without Hassle

When you are on the phone with your partner and then a message or call comes into your WhatsApp, this method is the right solution.

By using this method, at least it can help you to prevent people from being jailed or deliberately annoying you.

As for how to mute a WA phone without any hassle, you can use it in the review below:

  • The first step, open your WhatsApp application via Smartphone.
  • After that, click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • In the list of options that appears, select “Settings”.
  • After that, select the “Notifications” menu.
  • Then, several menu options will appear, select Call>Ringtone.
  • Select “None” from the list of call sounds.
  • Next, click “Vibrate” and select “Off”.

Now, whenever you get a video or phone call on WhatsApp, no vibrate or sound will appear. The settings you have set will remain active until you revert to the previous settings.

You need to know, if WhatsApp call notifications still appear unlike messages, it means that there is no option to mute everything.

The final word

For the way to mute when the WA phone above can only be done if you have a regular smartphone, and if you use an iPhone, you can’t try the method above.

The only way to do this on iPhone is to mute all WhatsApp notifications or by blocking individual contacts.

If you use an iPhone, you can look for ways from various sources when using the mute feature when calling WA.