How to Open Apps in Floating Window (Multitasking) on ​​Android

How to Open Apps in Floating Window (Multitasking) on ​​Android

In this article, I discuss how to open apps in a floating window for multitasking on Android. The wider screens on PCs and laptops are best suited for multitasking with their free-form program windows. Multitasking can be done on mobile but not very useful or productive.

Android’s built-in multitasking feature lets you open at most 2 apps, one above the other. And most apps struggle with split layouts to the point that it’s not feasible to use them side by side.

Floating Apps is a utility app for Android that tries to improve the multitasking experience on Android. Unlike native Android multitasking, this app allows you to open utility tools and native apps in a free-form floating window that you can place anywhere on the screen.

These windows can be overlapped and resized to the desired scale thus offering a more useful multitasking experience on Android. So, here’s how to open apps in floating windows for multitasking on Android.

Opening Apps in Floating Window (Multitasking) on ​​Android

Floating Apps comes in two versions for Android, a free version with ads and a paid version without ads. You can download any of the versions of this app on the Floating Apps website from here.

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When you open the app after installation, it gives you a quick overview and asks for the necessary permissions to work. This involves permission to grant access to storage and permission to enable rendering of other apps. After the permission, the app is ready to use.

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It shows a floating icon on your screen where you can access the open utility catalog of this app. You can tap anything from there to that pen in a floating window on the screen. You can place that window anywhere on the screen and resize it. This floating window stays on top of whatever you have open on your phone screen. You can open multiple windows like this and can also stack them.

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From app settings, you can also add installed apps to the list and open supported apps in a floating window. You can also add system shortcuts, widgets, and URLs, documents, translators, etc., in floating windows on the screen. Apart from that, you can change the appearance and other usage options of the app as per your wish.

Red thread | Floating Apps offers a better way to multitask on Android. The built-in utility works very well and can be resized freely. The contents of the window adjust automatically to their size. With native apps supported, this has the potential to make multitasking even better and productive on Android.