How to Open Documents in Old WA 2022

We never know that we have entered an era where information and communication technology has changed people’s behavior a lot.

Not only at the individual, community, group or organizational level.

The use of information technology such as the use of the internet which has long had various applications such as social media is a medium where users can find information and communicate with each other.

The use of social media can also create forums where individuals can communicate with each other and exchange ideas.

That way it is very easy to make individuals communicate by commenting on various topics or cases discussed by other individuals.

In addition, individuals can also build assumptions, emotions and beliefs through comments or the viewpoints and thoughts of other individuals on social media.

This allows you to reactively comment or draw conclusions.

Discussion on How to Open Documents in Old WA

WhatsApp as one of these social media is widely used for socializing purposes or as a messenger, either by individuals or groups.

However, the extent to which the use of WhatsApp by its users can be taken from the background, how big is the use of WA as a medium of communication and satisfaction in delivering messages.

Various features offered by this WA application such as chatting, sending pictures, group chat, video calls, group video calls and also sending and receiving various documents.

Even so, it is not uncommon for these pages to be lost and they don’t know how to recover WhatsApp files.

Just imagine if an important file that has been sent is deleted, and it’s very annoying, isn’t it? But with the advantages of this WA application, it can backup or restore files such as photos, videos and lost documents.

Many of you are still confused about how to backup this data, that’s why we will share how to open an old document in WA. Listen to the end!

How to Open Documents in Old WA

1. How to Open Documents in Old WA Via Recovery Message

How to Open Documents in Old WA
How to Open Documents in Old WA Via Recovery Message

The first way that can be done in the WhatsApp application is to do a Recovery Message, just follow the steps on how to open an old document in WA.

  • First, please open the File Manager application and you just have to choose internal storage or internal memory.
  • Next, open the file that says WhatsApp and open the file with the name Database and Backup or select the file whose existence is .crypt8.
  • After finding it, connect your cellphone with a laptop or PC using the USB cable you have, make sure the device has an internet connection.
  • Then open the “Recover Message” website where the website will help you to restore WhatsApp files and photos.
  • When the website opens, please select the “Select SQLite File” option and do a data backup.
  • If a dialog appears, you just have to press the “I Accept” button and press the “Scan” button.
  • Wait a few moments until the Backup process is complete, it will disappear and return to normal.

2. How to Open Old Documents in WA Using Google Drive

How to Open Documents in Old WA
How to Open Documents in Old WA Using Google Drive

The next method that you can use to restore WhatsApp photos or files is to use Google Drive.

This method has been widely used because it is very easy and proven, just follow the steps on how to open an old WA document that you can use as a guide.

  • First, enter the browser using your PC or Laptop and go to Google Mail, then Login using your Gmail account.
  • Next select the triangle-shaped dots and select “Drive.” There you can enter the “Trash” menu and a file that has been backed up will appear.
  • Please select the files you want to recover and select “Recover” from trash.

The final word

Above, we explained a little about several ways to restore deleted or old WhatsApp photos or files in WA.

You can try using one of the methods above, starting from the easiest to the hardest according to you.

Hopefully with this information it can increase your knowledge and the writing will be more useful for those of you who are experiencing it and want to recover the data.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to open an old document on WhatsApp. Thank you and hopefully useful.