How to Overcome Samsung Internet Browser Cannot Download

Overcome Samsung Internet Browser Cannot Download

Solving Samsung Internet Browser Cannot Download | Internet is our source to download whatever we want. What if that functionality breaks, and we can’t download from the internet? That’s what Samsung internet browser users are now feeling. They cannot download files using native browsers.

Whenever they try to download something, the download will be paused. Even some Samsung phone owners, Downloads only stop when they exit the Samsung Internet. For that, in this article, we will try to find a solution to this problem.

How to Overcome Samsung Internet Browser Cannot Download

If you have a Samsung phone and are encountering this problem, here are some possible fixes that you should try to solve Samsung internet browser not downloading:

1. Rename the download folder

This might be a minor issue, but trust me, some users have mistakenly renamed the folder to “Download,” and they can’t download anything. This happens because there is a default folder named “Downloads,” and if the name changes, there’s a contradiction issue going on with the browser. So, first thing comes first if you save any folder name during Download, try changing the folder name first. This can solve your problem.

2. Remove Memory Card

If your download location for Samsung Internet browser is set to your memory card, I suggest removing the card for a while. Once unmounted, re-insert it and see if the browser can download the file. If the problem persists, try downloading without inserting a memory card. If the browser successfully downloads the file, it means that something is wrong with your card.

3. Check Storage Space

If the download stops instantly, you have to go to the storage manager and check the available storage. If the storage is full or almost full, then the file may not be able to download because the estimated full storage is according to the operating system. Many of the Samsung phone users don’t know that they are running out of storage. So this can be a problem if there is limited storage space available on your smartphone.

4. Check Download Path

Try checking the Download path in Samsung Internet Browser. If the path is switched to the memory card, change to internal memory. You can do it by following the steps below:

1. Open Samsung Internet Browser
2. Tap on the three lines at the bottom of the browser.
3. Click on Settings.
4. Now click on “Site and Download.”
5. Then tap “save downloaded file to” and change the location.

Now you have successfully changed the Download path. Go ahead and try to download something. This might solve your problem.

5. Force Quit App

If the above methods didn’t help you, try this method number 5. So to do a force start, press and hold the Samsung browser icon for 3 seconds, then a pop up appears. From the pop-up menu, select App info. Then in App info, click Force stop. Forcibly stopping the app will cause the app to close in the foreground and background. Further, it can also help you with download problems.

6. Clear Cache Memory

App cache memory is used to open apps faster. But due to some corrupt cache memory files, download problems and other errors might occur. To clear cache memory, press the Samsung Browser icon for 3 seconds, then click Application info, then click Clear Cache. This can solve many problems, including device heating and download issues.

7. Delete and Reinstall Samsung Browser

If the above solutions didn’t work for you. Then you need to uninstall Samsung Internet Browser and then do a fresh install from Google Play Store. Most of these solutions work with this type of problem.

8. Update App

If you are having Download problem and have not updated your Samsung Internet for a long time. Maybe, it’s time to update it. This is because the older version of the software had some bugs which were removed in the newer version. So this can solve your problem regarding Download.

9. Restart Device

When all options fail this great solution comes in handy. Restarting the device can solve most problems from battery issues to software optimization issues. Sometimes you have to restart your phone for it to run perfectly.

10. Factory Reset

If all the above options fail for you and nothing is left. Proceed with factory reset. It really solves every problem on mobile devices, be it heating or lag. Factory reset is the answer to all the problems you are currently experiencing.

Samsung Internet Browser Download Problem

Those are some solutions to solve Samsung internet browser can’t download. I also suggest that you download the Download manager app from the play store. This app can help you so that you don’t have to feel any more trouble because there is a separate downloader already in your smartphone.