How to Password Video Files

how to password video

In this article, I review how to password video files with the help of the best free video encryption software for Windows. This software helps you protect your videos and confidential data from anyone by means of physical access to the computer. Not only video but video name can also be encrypted via multiple encryptions to protect video identity.

This video encryption uses various algorithms to perform encryption, such as Blowfish (448-bit), DESX (128), AES (256-bit), 3DES (168-bit), etc. Plus, this freeware also gives you complete freedom to choose any of the available algorithms according to your needs. Algorithm choices can vary the encryption speed as well as video security. During encryption, you need to specify a password (key) so that an authorized person can decrypt the video when needed.

In general, almost all of these software provide a similar encryption/decryption process where you need to set a password and an algorithm to encrypt the video. However, some differences are also present such as availability of different algorithm sets, inability to encrypt multiple files, different encryption speeds, etc.

Most video encryption comes in portable packages. So, you can carry it on your portable storage device and run on PC without any installation. Here are 7 best video encryption software to password video files:

1. Professional Portable Encryptor

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Professional Portable Encryptor is a free and portable video password software for Windows. Using it, you can not only encrypt video files, documents, etc. But also the name. You can even choose one algorithm for the name and several other algorithms for the actual video file. This software provides a total of four encryption algorithms namely, DES , RC2 , 3DES , and RC4. Several hash algorithms are also available, including MD2 , MD4 , MD5 , and SHA-1.

This software provides its own file explorer where you can browse and select the videos that you want to encrypt. To encrypt, you need to add the selected file to its editor window by using the right-click menu. Now to encrypt the file, first, click on the encryption key icon to set a password and also to change the algorithm. After that, press Ok to start the encryption. All files present in its editor window will be converted into a single encrypted file. Just like video encryption, you can also decrypt videos easily.

Downloads: Professional Portable Encryptor

2. SSE File Encryptor

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SSE File Encryptor is a completely free and portable video password software for Windows. Not just videos, but files and documents of various formats can also be encrypted using it. Here, you also get various encryption algorithms to choose from. To be precise, you get a total of 6 encryption algorithms including AES, RC6, Serpent, Twofish, Gost28147, and Blowfish. All of these algorithms use 256-bit encryption except Blowfish which uses 448-bit encryption.

Video encryption or decryption can be done by following these three steps:

  1. Select an algorithm from the drop-down menu algorithm.
  2. Enter a new password for encryption or enter the correct password for decryption.
  3. Now, drop one or more videos into the interface to start the encryption/decryption process.

PS: Do not add videos to this video encryption software before entering the password as doing so will result in password errors.

Downloads: SSE File Encryptor

3. ABI Coder

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ABI Coder is a free and easy-to-use video encryption software for Windows. This encryption software allows you to encrypt videos, documents, etc., so that your data remains protected from unauthorized access.

To encrypt videos, you can use any of the available encryption algorithms named Blowfish (448), 3DES (168 bit), and AES (256 bit). After selecting an algorithm, you can use the inbuilt file explorer to select the video files that you want to encrypt. Now, you can set a random key or password for your files and hit the Encrypt button to start the encryption. For each individual file, you can use a different password or key. One more thing to keep in mind that at a time, only one file can be encrypted.

To decrypt an encrypted file, first, you have to search for the file using a file explorer. After that, enter the correct key in the key field and press the key decrypt.

In this freeware, you also get an advanced tool called file self-decryption. The encrypted files created by this tool can be decrypted without using this software. Actually, this tool attaches a password protection program with the file. So, there is no need to use this software to decrypt video files. Apart from these tools, a dedicated text editor and inbuilt email sharing features are also present.

Downloads: ABI Coder

4. MEO Encryption Software

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MEO Encryption Software is a great free video encryption software for Windows. It can encrypt and decrypt files (videos, documents, media, etc.), folders, and emails. Uses Blowfish and DES algorithms to encrypt files and folders. At any time, you can select the algorithm to encrypt the files from its options menu. The Options menu contains one more handy option named extensions which lets you set any kind of random extension at the end of the encrypted file.

In this software, you can also create self-decryption files which you can share with others easily. The main advantage of file self-decryption is that you can decrypt this file without using this software. Whereas, a password protected program is always attached to the file to decrypt the file when needed.

To encrypt video files, go to options encrypt files and select all the video files which you want to encrypt. Press Next and select the algorithm option and decrypt the files yourself if necessary. Again, press Next and set a password to encrypt the file. Just like encryption, you can also perform decryption by using options decrypt a file.

The hash validation feature is also available in this software where you can compare the hashes of two files to check the identicality of the two video files.

Downloads: MEO Encryption

5. Kryptelite

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Kryptelite is another free video encryption software for Windows. this software is actually a free version of the Kryptel software with limited features. However, encryption of videos, documents, folders, etc., can be done with it.

This software is automatically integrated with the Windows right-click menu. This menu provides one-click encryption/decryption feature and file destruction feature. At one time, single or multiple files can be encrypted using this software. When you encrypt a file, it just asks you to set a password to start the encryption process. But if there are many video files, you need to set the container name along with the password as it combines all the multiple files into one encrypted container. Similar to the encryption process, you can also perform decryption by accessing the right-click menu.

To encrypt files, this software uses a 256 bit AES cipher algorithm. Plus, its ability to compress data using the ZIP and BZIP2 algorithms is also impressive. The biggest advantage is the encryption and decryption speed which is definitely faster than other software.

Downloads: Kryptelite

6. Crypt4Free

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Crypt4Free is another free video encryption software for Windows. You can encrypt video files as well as documents, audio files, images, etc. Not only that, you can also choose one of the two available algorithms to protect your documents namely DESX (128-bit key) and Blowfish (448-bit). Apart from encryption, you can also compress videos to ZIP files. Although this software is quite easy to use, it lacks the important batch file encryption feature.

How to encrypt videos using Crypt4Free:
First, select the video file using file explorer-his. After that, click the button encrypt to open the encryption menu. In the encrypt menu, you need to set a password and an algorithm after which you can set the path of the output folder. Finally, press the button encrypt now to start the encryption process. The encryption process can take a while, so be patient.

After encryption, you get the source file and the encrypted version of it. If you only want encrypted files, check the box delete after encryption. Video decryption is also simple; just double click on the decrypted file and enter the correct password to get the decrypted file.

Downloads: Crypt4Free

7. AxCrypt

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AxCrypt is another video encryption software for Windows. With the help of this software, you can encrypt any video and document. Not only that, it also allows encryption of multiple files at once. To encrypt video files, it uses the highly secure AES-128 algorithm. Like many other encryption software, it also lets you protect video files with a password.

When you launch this software after installation, the first thing that is asked is you to enter your email address. On the registered email address, you will receive a verification code by which you can set the encryption password. After that, you can easily encrypt any video just by pressing the plus button and selecting the video file/file.

To decrypt an encrypted video file, go to recent tabs and right click on the encrypted file and select stop securing and remove from the list. Apart from encryption and decryption, you can import and export public share keys and only export AxCript secret ID and share key pairs.

PS: In this free version of AxCrypt, various advanced features such as secured folders, anonymous rename, secure delete, inactivity signout, etc., are locked. You have to buy the paid version to unlock all the features of this software this video.

Downloads: AxCrypt

Safespedia’s Favorite Video Encryption Software:

Professional Portable Encryptor is a favorite video encryption software for safes because it is one of the most secure encryption software. Apart from that, it also provides various encryption and hash algorithms to encrypt videos, documents, files, etc.