How to Pause a Meeting on Zoom (Pause)

how to pause a meeting on zoom

On this occasion I will discuss how to pause a meeting on Zoom (pause). Since the onset of the pandemic, US-based video calling and conferencing app Zoom has been doing its best to take on its competitors. Thanks to their free license and lots of interesting features, making them one of the greatest. However, their success has not been without a lot of criticism.

Zoombombing (incident where individuals threaten & break into Zoom meetings to disrupt) caught the attention of millions of people around the world and even became a motivation for Google to promote the Google Meet platform as the safest solution out there.

Luckily Zoom is not standing still, they are motivated to give their best and promise to make the platform as secure as possible. Today, we’re going to cover one new security feature that will help Zoom emerge as a secure heavyweight.

What’s so great about the Pause Zoom feature?

Zoom has rolled out a new security feature that should be able to prevent meeting interruptions. Now allows meeting hosts and co-hosts to take control of meetings and pause them at any given moment.

It also helps in enabling meeting organizers to report accounts they deem suspicious.

After the meeting, all meeting participants have the opportunity to chat, talk and share their thoughts. All good and cool features until scammers show up and start sharing inappropriate content. At this point, the host and co-host can choose to temporarily pause the meeting and find the culprit.

A temporarily paused meeting will suspect all activity within the app – calls, chats, screen sharing and more.

Once the issue is efficiently addressed and Zoom developers are notified of the breach of trust, the meeting can resume right where it was last. As simple as that.

How to pause a meeting on Zoom

In order to be able to pause a meeting on Zoom (pause), make sure you update your Zoom app. Of course, after that you have to login with your Zoom credentials to start the meeting.

Now, if you see a suspicious or disrespectful user, you can simply click on Security icon and press
Suspend Participant Activities.

As soon as you enable it, all meeting activity (calls, chats, screen sharing, annotations, etc.) will stop and you will get options to identify suspicious users, share details about them, and even attach screenshots. After that, you have to press the button

how to pause a meeting on zoom-2

The suspicious user in question will be removed from the meeting, and you will get a chance to continue the meeting with the features you deem necessary. Zoom will even contact you via email for more information.

Can free users pause a meeting?

Zoom, like all leading video collaboration tools, tends to provide its paid users with the latest and greatest features. This move makes the deal much more lucrative for potential premium users, as they can clearly see what they’re missing.

Thankfully, Zoom rarely hides important security updates behind a paywall, and this pause feature is no exception. A new pause feature is available for platform users paid or free.

That’s how to pause a meeting on Zoom. Hopefully this article is useful and thank you for visiting. Don’t forget to share it with your friends too.