How to Play Steam Games In Safe Mode

how to play steam games in safe mode

In this guide I will share a trick on how to play Steam games in safe mode. Games are complex applications, but games are just like any other application, they can have problems. Just like many applications that have a safe mode such as Outlook, games on Steam also have it.

The advantages of playing Steam games in this safe mode include that users can troubleshoot games for things like constant drops in FPS, loading failures, lags, cracked screens, etc., through their settings. Safe mode for games allows users to run the game in its most basic stripped down version.

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Playing Steam games in safe mode is also useful if you are trying to play old games on a newer system. This game may not have been updated to run on the hardware you have and playing it in safe mode will give you a better gaming experience.

How to Play Steam Games In Safe Mode

You can play any Steam game in safe mode. The process is the same. Some games may offer the option to run in safe mode when you click Play, but you can always force it with a simple toggle.

PS: Game must be installed/downloaded to your system. If the game is on an external drive, you will have to connect the drive before proceeding.

1. Open Steam.

2. Go to Library.

3. Select game which you want to play in safe mode.

4. Right click and select Properties from the context menu.

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5. Open tab General.

6. Click Set Launch Options.

7. wipe everything in the bar and enter/type

8. Click ok and close the properties window.

Play the game and it will launch in safe mode.

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Exit Safe Mode

To exit safe mode or to prevent the game from running in safe mode again, follow these steps.

1. Open Steam.

2. Go to Library.

3. Right click game it and select Properties.

4. Open tab General.

5. Click Set Launch Options.

6. Remove switch -safe from the Launch Options field.

7. Click OKand close the properties window.

Run the game and it will run normally.

Red thread | When you play the game in safe mode, it may take longer to launch. The bigger the game, the longer it will take to run. Once running, you can change its settings and you can play it without any problem.

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If the game fails to run even in safe mode, try verifying the files. If it breaks, Steam will download it again and fix the game. There is a chance it might not work in this case, you might have to uninstall and reinstall the game.