How to Record Voice Calls on Samsung Phones Without Third-Party Apps

How to Record Calls on Samsung Phones

The simplest way to communicate with people who are not in front of us is to make a voice call. But sometimes, we need to take notes while on a call, and we may not have pen and paper at the time to take notes. What’s more, if someone gives you some important information, and you need to record it, it might take a lot of time if the things you can’t hear well or are lacking. The best and smartest thing that you can do at that time is record the call.

Once you have recorded all the calls or specific calls, you can play the recorded calls at any point and record the important points which are important to you. When it comes to voice call recording, you can find a number of apps on Google Play Store for recording calls.

On the other hand, smartphone manufacturers are currently integrating voice call recorders into the call app itself and it works well. If you are using a modern Samsung handset, there is an integrated call recorder, but it is not enabled by default. You can enable it to record specific or all calls, as per your requirement.

So, in this article I will share how to record voice calls on a Samsung mobile phone running Samsung One UI without third-party applications.

Recording Calls Using Samsung Mobile Phones

Step 1: After you receive the call, and you accept it, or after you make the call and the other party accepts it, tap on the triple-dot icon on the incoming call interface and tap on Records.

Step 2: The call recording will start instantly, and you will get a small recording symbol along with the recording time.

How to Record Calls on a Samsung-1

Step 3: Call recording will automatically stop once the call is disconnected, however, you can also stop recording in the middle. If you want to stop the call recording, tap the triple-dot icon, then tap Stop recording.

How to Record Calls on a Samsung-2

Step 4: Calls will be recorded to a folder with the name call in internal storage by default.

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How to Enable Samsung Phone Automatic Call Recording

Step 1: This way, you can record single or specific calls. You can also configure your Samsung smartphone to automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls. To enable automatic call recording, open the app Phone to view call logs or keypad. Now, tap on the triple-dot menu and then tap on Settings to open it.

How to Record Calls on a Samsung-4

Step 2: Under Call settings tap on Recording calls.

How to Record Calls on a Samsung-5

Step 3: Under Recording calls just activate Auto recording. You can also select custom calls to record instead of recording all incoming and outgoing calls.

How to Record Calls on a Samsung-6

Step 4: Furthermore, you can also change the call recording location to SD card, if you have inserted one, and don’t want that your internal storage is filled with call recordings. To do that, below Recording calls tap on Storage location and select SD card.

How to Record Calls on a Samsung-7

Recording Calls With The Consent Of The Other Party

So, when it comes to recording calls on modern Samsungs, there are a number of features that can come in handy for you in the default call recorder. A number of settings can also be changed, which is also something worth a special mention.

After all the features that you get in the integrated call recorder on modern Samsung handsets, you don’t need to download and install any third party call recorder from Play Store.

You should record calls only after you have the consent of the other party, and if the automatic call recorder is enabled, make sure the other party knows that you are recording the conversation. Call recording can also be illegal in certain countries which is again something you have to keep in mind.

This feature is limited to voice call recording only on modern Samsung handsets. This feature is not available for app-based video calls or VoIP calls.

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