How to Record Zoom Meetings on PC Easily

How to Record Zoom Meetings on PC very easy to do. It’s just that maybe because it’s still the first time using Zoom Cloud Meeting, many users are still not proficient in mastering this Zoom. One of the things that Zoom users often ask is how to record Zoom meetings on a PC / laptop.

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Therefore, we will try to help you in learning this. You need to know that the recording feature on Zoom is free if you use a PC / Laptop. However, for Android, only paid features can record at meeting times. So from there it’s not surprising that many are finding out how to record zoom on a PC only compared to Android.

You can read more about this in this article to the end. Because the Zoom Cloud Meeting record was originally very easy to do. You only need to press the record button a little so that your online meeting activities on Zoom can be recorded easily.

How to Record a Zoom Meeting on a PC Very Easy

It’s not only how to change the background on Zoom that many Zoom users are interested in. However, how to record zoom meetings on a PC is also being hunted by many people. This is because the goal is to be able to review what has been conveyed in the meeting at a later time.

How to Record Zoom Meetings on PC
How to Record Zoom Meetings on PC

So, for that reason, if you now have Zoom on your laptop / PC, then you don’t have to bother anymore to record your online meeting activities. This is because if you use Zoom on a PC, it’s free, you don’t have to pay a penny.

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For more details, step by step to record meeting activities on Zoom is more or less below. You can do this by directly opening your Zoom on your PC and then trying to invite one or two people to join your meeting. From there, try to record it for practice first.

How to Record Zoom Meetings on PC Easily

If you want to record Zoom on a PC, this is how it works.

  • You make sure you have attended the meeting on Zoom.
  • You then just have to press the button Records. Or you can press Alt + R.
  • In this way, the recording process has started.
  • To pause temporarily tap Pause.
  • To stop recording, just tap Stop.

In this way, you have succeeded in learning how to record Zoom on a PC. Hope it’s useful.

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That’s about how to record a Zoom Meeting on a PC. Hopefully our explanation doesn’t confuse you at all. Please try and practice to understand.