How to Refund Lazada 2022

How to Refund Lazada

How to Refund Lazada – The development of technology and the emergence of various types of e-commerce that make it easier for people to shop for home needs.

By becoming one of the most popular e-commerce among the people today, Lazada provides several additional features to make it easier for its users.

However, as you know, the goods you buy do not always come as expected.

Then, how to Refund Lazada or goods on Lazada? In our article this time, we will discuss how to refund goods on Lazada, especially for those of you who often shop at Lazada.

Sometimes at one time there could be a delivery error from the seller or the expedition, because the item you ordered or ordered arrived in a damaged condition.

The solution to dealing with problems like this is to return the item or refund the item.

For a refund or refund at Lazada, it’s actually very easy and fast, it just takes three working days from the beginning of the return submission report until the money is transferred.

Just look at the following Lazada refund method.

How to Refund Lazada

1. How to Refund Lazada for COD Items

How to Refund Lazada
How to Refund Lazada for COD Items

Lazada has made a rule where every product purchase that does not come in accordance with the customer’s order can be returned, except for the purchase of goods by COD.

This means, cod goods can also be returned as long as the customer follows the applicable or existing procedures.

The conditions that you must meet for the Lazada Refund method for COD items are as follows:

  • Items can also be returned within the Return Period.
  • Understand some of the Eligible Product return requirements.
  • Filled out several Forms for product returns.
  • The last step, by contacting Customer Service.

2. How to Refund Lazada or Cancel Lazada Items

How to Refund Lazada
How to Refund Lazada or Cancel Lazada Items

Are you one of the people who often cripple Lazada goods?

In this discussion, we will review several ways to Refund Lazada or cancel Lazada items that you can use in the reviews below:

  • The first step, login to your account.
  • Then select “See All”.
  • Then, select the desired order number.
  • After that click “Cancel” on the order number you want to refund.
  • Then, select the product you want to cancel.
  • Select the reason why you canceled the order.
  • Then write some reasons for your cancellation in the “Additional information” column provided.
  • Make sure you read and agree to Lazada’s order cancellation policy.
  • After that, select Submit.
  • Select the type of refund you want.

3. Terms for Returning Items or How to Refund Lazada

How to Refund Lazada
Terms for Returning Goods or How to Refund Lazada

The buyer must first fill out the return or submission form so that returns or refunds are processed quickly.

The conditions for returning goods or how to refund Lazada in accordance with Lazada procedures, you must do as below:

  • Proof of purchase such as, order number, purchase invoice, others.
  • When filling out the “Return Form” list, fill in the bank that you will use.
  • If you choose the Drop Off return method, attach the receipt number for the return of the goods to the shipping service.
  • Your reason for returning the item must be valid and the terms of the return agreement are met.
  • Send the product you want to refund to the address listed on the return form.
  • If the goods have been received, then Lazada will refund your money.

The final word

If you are still confused about how to refund Lazada goods, we have provided you with several methods that you can use in the review above.

Before you refund or return the item to Lazada, you must meet several conditions that you must do as we explained earlier.

If the item to be returned is an electronic item, such as a locked gadget, you should make sure the product has been unlocked and the password has been removed to facilitate quality check.

Make sure before buying you buy an item that matches what is in the description and also that the item has a high branch from the buyer, so you don’t have to bother doing a refund or returning the item again.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about how to refund Lazada 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.