How to Register Shopee Food (Merchant)

How to Register Shopee Food (Merchant)

In this tutorial, I will discuss how to register Shopee food for merchants. For those of you who have a stall or restaurant, immediately register your stall or restaurant at shopee food so that the stalls/restaurants that you have can increase their sales by becoming a shopee food partner.

Shopee is currently expanding its wings by releasing a product or service called Shopee Food. With the aim of being able to quickly and efficiently help anyone when they need food, so don’t be surprised if this Shopee Food will be similar to GoFood and Grab Food which already existed.

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In order to be able to sell food on the Shopee application, you must first register at this Shopee food service. But before registering, there are some requirements that you have to prepare. What are the requirements? Here are the requirements that you must prepare before registering at Shopee food:

Requirements for sole proprietorship/individual:

  • ID card or book
  • savings book photo

Requirements for a legal entity form of business:

  • ID card or book
  • NPWP
  • TDP / NIB
  • certificate of domicile
  • deed of establishment
  • NPWP
  • savings book photo

How to Register Shopee Food (Merchant)

  1. Fill in the Registration form
  2. Fill in Active Email & mobile number
  3. Fill in the details of the location or business address
  4. Fill in the details of the name and type of business
  5. Fill in the business category
  6. Fill in the form of business entity
  7. upload photo outlet
  8. Registration confirmation

1. Fill in the Registration form: After you have prepared the requirements, the next step is to register at Shopee food merchants. First of all visit the registration form from herefill in the email address that will be registered at shopee food after filling in the email address in the next section, fill in the full name of the cellphone number and the email address that you used earlier.

2. Fill in Active Email & mobile number: After you fill in the correct name, email address and cellphone number, please click on the next section, here if you are already registered with shopeepay please click on the section below. Yes but if you haven’t registered with shopeepay, please click on the section Not.

How to Register Shopee Food (Merchant)-1

3. Fill in the details of the location or business address: The next step here, we will fill in the location section where our place of business is located, please fill in according to the address where you do your culinary business. If the address form does not exist, please click on the other section and fill in the address according to the place where you do your culinary business.

4. Fill in the details of the name and type of business: For further filling here, please fill in Business name or your restaurant with type of business. After filling in the business name, you select the type of business. Is this a type of individual business or a PT (type of business with a legal entity).

After filling in the type of business, please enter the address where your stall/restaurant is located. To fill in the address here, you have to be really careful because later it will make it easier for shopee food drivers to go to your restaurant or business and don’t forget to also fill in the city where your restaurant is located and its postal code.

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5. Fill in the business category: For the next step please fill in business category Bro. Here, bro, please fill in your business category, after that also fill in the number of outlets that you have, if you only have one outlet, please choose one outlet.

6. Fill in the form of business entity: In the next section fill in form of business. Is your business form a restaurant or catering housing. If your business is micro or street vendor, then fill in the micro business or street vendor.

7. Upload photos of outlets: You are also required to upload a photo of the front view of the outlet as well as a photo of the production kitchen. Uploading photos of production kitchens only applies to catering businesses or business forms with industrial legal entities. So far, your registration form has been successfully registered.

8. Confirmation of registration: The last step of this registration is confirm registration. Here, please confirm your registration, where did you find out about the online registration of shopee food, please enter whether it’s from the shopee seller center or the search results on the Google site or from shopee customer service, then here, bro, please click on the yes section to state that you did registration at shopee food. Next, please click on the section Yes after you click on the Yes section, please click on the section Send to complete shopee food registration.

Now all you have to do is prepare the required files while waiting for shopee to survey your place.

That’s the tutorial on how to register Shopee food merchant. Hopefully this article is useful for you, thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.