How to Remove Video Background Online

How to Remove Video Backgrounds Online Automatically

On this occasion, I will share how to remove the background of a video or GIF online automatically and for free with the help of the Unscreen website.

Unscreen is a free website where you can easily change or remove the background of any video or GIF. This website works very smoothly. It provides you with the resulting video file with good quality.

The best part about this site is that you don’t need to fix pixels, colors, crop, etc., you just need to upload videos or GIFs with supported file formats. After that, the tool analyzes your video and offers you the type of background to change. Here you can leave the background transparent or add some other interesting background.

This website allows you to add your own background image for uploaded videos or GIF files. The output can also be saved on your computer/laptop with high resolution. Read the article till the end so that you can learn more about this tool.

How to Remove Video Background Online

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In addition to removing the video/gif background online, this site can also change the video background according to what you want. This website is free to use and works smoothly in removing video backgrounds. You can head to the Unscreen website from the link button below.

Once you visit the website, first of all you are presented with the option to upload a video file. You can upload video files from your PC or search for GIFs on this website. The GIFs you find on this website are taken from the GIPHY website.

If you upload a video, you need to make sure that you upload a supported video format. This website allows you to import videos with MP4, WEBM, GIF, and OGG file formats. You can enter video URL too.

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Once you finish uploading your video file, the website automatically starts analyzing the video and removing the background. Below the video, you will see several options to set the background.

You can make free video background with transparent background. Alternatively, you can choose other options like Video, Color, and Image.

Select on the video option, here you can add another video behind the original video file. If you want to set a solid background without animation, then you can play with the background colors option. Apart from that, you can set a still image behind the original video file.

To add a video or image as background, you can select the options provided by the website or choose one from your computer.

Once you find the GIF or video you are looking for, you can download the result. You can save video files as GIF, Animated PNG, and Single Frames. Apart from that, you can download the resulting video or GIF file in high resolution.

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PS: The file generated by this site has a small watermark on the bottom right that looks transparent. If you upgrade to the pro plan, you can remove the watermark. Along with that, you will get more features like Full HD Resolution, Video File Download, Full-Length Clips, etc.

Red Thread | Unscreen is a cool website to instantly remove the background from any video. You just need to import the GIF or video and the website does it all for you. Apart from that, you get a number of options to replace the background with an interesting background scene. Also, the resulting file can be saved in various formats. Try this website and it will automatically remove background from videos online for free.