How to Report Annoying Instagram Accounts

How to Report Instagram Today, many people are looking for it. This follows the number of Instagram accounts that have begun to disturb other people’s Instagram accounts. So if you’re bothered by the smelly ramblings bullying then you don’t stay silent. This has violated the ethics of using social media. Therefore, in order to maintain the convenience of every Instagram user, we will explain to you all about how to report an Instagram account.

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Indeed, Instagram already provides various features to protect against Cyber ​​Bullying for example that is Restrict, Block, Reportand Auto-hide Comments. But the name of the person on Instagram is just an act to be cute to other people. So we suggest that you immediately report the Instagram account that you think is outrageous.

Quoting from the official Instagram statement, his party has strongly criticized if an account was created with the aim of bullyingbully) or to harass another person, or if the photo or comment is intended to harass (bully) or harassing someone. Therefore, if you find an Instagram account that has disturbed many people, don’t hesitate to report the Insatgram account. Here we will tell you how to report an Instagram account.

How to Report Annoying Instagram Accounts

You can do how to report Instagram both from Android and from iOS. So all Instagram applications can be used to report disturbing Instagram accounts. Learn here all the instructions so you can do it right. If you feel confused feel free to comment below. We provide a comment column so you can ask questions if you don’t know how to report other people’s Instagram accounts that are troubling.

How to report Instagram account
How to report Instagram account

Well than you are curious and continue to be confused. Come on with the Trick Area team, let’s finish the discussion on how to report this troubling Instagram account to its roots.

How to Report Annoying Other’s Instagram

If you want to solve an Instagram account that is bothering you a lot instead of having to go to the Instagram help center, here we explain how to report that person’s Instagram.

  • Go to your Instagram Account.
  • Find the Instagram profile of the person you want to report.
  • Tap the three-dot icon at the top right of the person’s IG account profile.
  • Select Report.
  • Next, you just have to select the type of your report for example This is Spam or this is inappropriate.
  • Please select It’s Inappropriate.
  • Finally, follow the instructions on your cellphone screen.

By following the Instagram reporting method as above, you can already report your Instagram account or posts on Instagram. This method applies to Instagram accounts on Android and iOS.

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Now, if the above is a way to report someone else’s Instagram account, below we will explain how to report disturbing people’s Instagram comments.

How to Report Annoying Instagram Comments

To start reporting people’s comments on Instagram that are very annoying, you can start by opening Instagram and looking for the comment you want to report. The trick is to click the comment icon below the post > click and hold on the comment that violates (for Android) > then click the exclamation mark icon in the upper right corner > select Spam or Scam or Infringing Content from here you then select the reason why the comment violates.

You don’t have to worry about being found out that you are the one who reported the infringing comment to Instagram because your report is anonymous. So, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your IG account free from the scolding of useless people, don’t forget to take advantage of the caption warning feature.


That was our first explanation of how to report an Instagram account. Hopefully the information from us is useful for you. Don’t forget to stop by here often.