How to Save Printer Ink When Printing Documents

How to Save Printer Ink When Printing Documents

Although nowadays we can scan documents, we still need a printer so that we can print important documents or files, especially when we need copies of files that are only available in digital format. Printer usage isn’t going away anytime soon. But unlike a scanner, owning a printer is a recurring cost as you need to buy a new ink cartridge, when the ink in your current cartridge is over.

Well, if you are currently a user of multiple consumer printing devices, you probably already know how expensive printer ink is, and you should always try to look for a printer capable of printing the most with the least amount of ink possible; so that the purchase of ink cartridges does not become too heavy on your pocket or depending on how often you need to print documents or photos. But despite all that, there is no denying the fact that printer ink can still be heavy on your pocket.

There are several ways to save printer ink when printing, and today I’m going to review some of the most effective ways to save ink when printing. But when it comes to printing photos, all the tricks I’ll mention here may not apply because the threshold quality required to print images and photos is much better than the print quality of the best documents. So, today I will be keeping this article limited to how you can save ink, especially when printing documents only.

How to Save Printer Ink When Printing Documents

Without further ado, let’s get started with some cool and effective ways you can save printer ink when printing documents, and some that might apply to printing photos or images as well.

Printing in draft mode
Among the first steps that you can take to save printer ink while printing is the use of draft mode to print documents. Although draft mode is meant for printing documents that are not final, just to know how the print will look, it can fulfill most of the needs even if you print the final edition of the document using that mode.

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By printing documents in draft mode, you can save a lot of ink as document quality here is put aside and print in lower resolution as compared to normal mode. In addition, draft mode will also save time because printing in this method is faster than other modes which provide better quality.

To print a document in draft mode, when printing a document, click ‘Properties‘ or ‘Preferences‘. Under the tab ‘Printing Shortcut‘, click ‘Draft‘ under ‘Print Quality:‘ and then you can print the document in Draft Mode. The process is the same in most versions of Windows and will not vary depending on the printer you are using, except for some models. You can also set it as the default mode to print from the ‘Printers & scans‘ in Control Panel or from Windows Settings.

Print in grayscale
If you just print the document, you don’t need to print it in color. However, even if you want it in solid black, your printer actually uses a combination of several colors to paint the black ink that you get. Therefore, you can force your printer to use only black ink and keep the color cartridge for some photos or project work.

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On Windows, you can make printer printouts in grayscale, and that way the printer will only use black when printing documents, actually it uses dark gray, and it can fulfill most of the daily needs.

To make your printer print in grayscale mode, at the time of printing the document, click ‘Properties‘ or ‘Preferences‘, and under the tab ‘Paper / Quality‘, click on the button ‘Advanced…’ .

Under Options’Advanced‘, click the drop-down menu select ‘Print in Grayscale:‘, then click ‘Black Ink Only‘. Just like the previous method, you can set this on standard printing mode if you don’t need high quality printing for your office or any requirement that most people don’t need if they want to save ink. You can also go to Control panel or Windows Settings and change the settings in the ‘Printers & scans‘.

Print using
Certain situations might force you to print a web page directly, and usually, a web page contains several graphic elements in addition to text elements, and if you choose to print a complete web page, it will certainly consume more ink than just printing text. Even if you need to print some graphic elements like infographics, some images, there are some unnecessary advertisements and other elements which are totally unnecessary in hard copy of web pages that you are planning to print.

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But you can change everything by using websites and extensions like print-friendly. This will strip out all the unnecessary elements from the web page and allow us to print only the essential elements which can also be customized as needed.

You can visit, and paste the link of the webpage you want to print. Once the preview of the page to be printed is generated, you can also remove the elements within the page which you think are unnecessary, and finally print the page with only the essential elements.

Next. We can also use print-friendly extensions in Chrome or other web browsers which can help us get printable versions of web pages with just one click. After selecting the document to print, you can also use draft mode and grayscale printing and it will definitely help you to use as little ink as possible.

Use up all the ink in the cartridge
Printer manufacturers will always want you to spend as much as possible so that you can get a new cartridge as early as possible, even when there is ink in the cartridge. With that effort, the printer software might notify you of low ink in the cartridge whenever you try to print some documents. However, even in that situation, depending on the printer model you are using, there is still plenty of ink left to print some documents and photos before you go to the store and buy a new cartridge to use it on your printer.

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However, if you really need new ink, it is best to keep it as a backup so that you can use it after the cartridge runs out of ink. Depending on the printer model you are using, there may be several ways to disable the alerts and change the low ink threshold so that you can adjust it when you want to get alerts. For example, we can set the printer software to warn you about low ink, when there is only 10% of ink available in the cartridge, and it can help you make a smart decision to buy a new ink cartridge.

Clean and maintain the nozzle inside the cartridge and toner
This is a general rule that we should all pay attention to in everything we use, and printer or toner cartridges are no exception either.

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If you don’t maintain and clean the cartridges regularly, you may end up using more ink to print something that requires less. Even if you are using a laser printer and you are not going to print for a long time, you have to take care of the toner, otherwise the ink will wear off over time. Finally, there will be faded areas on the page you are printing. The best thing that you can do is, shake the toner properly and it will work fine after that.

If you don’t use the cartridge for a very long time, you should clean the cartridge nozzle properly, and I will also recommend you to print regularly and it will help you use the ink most efficiently.

No one can deny the fact that printer ink is expensive. You should try every way to reduce your investment on printer ink, and all the ways I have mentioned here will definitely help you save as much ink as possible. Among the other steps that you can take include, don’t print unnecessary stuff, and you should try to get rid of most of the graphic elements on the pages you print.

These are some other effective ways to save printer ink when printingand these are some smart steps when it comes to printing in the most eco-friendly way possible.