How to Save Videos on VN To Mobile Gallery Easily

This time we will explain to you how to save videos on VN to cellphone gallery. Hopefully, by following our explanation below, you can solve the problem of not being able to save videos in the VN application to the cellphone gallery. The problem is that even though VN has turned into a popular video editing application in 2022, in fact there are still many users who are confused about how to operate it.

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One of the problems that many users still encounter is how to save videos in VN. The problem is that when you press the save button, it only saves the project that is being worked on. Of course, this kind of thing makes VN application users inflamed and difficult to save the videos they have edited in VN.

Instead of having trouble finding a solution, it’s better to just visit the Trick Area. We will explain in detail how to save videos to Gallery from VN app. Hopefully this can be useful for all of you.

How to Save Video in VN to Gallery Hp Simple

Actually, if you have a high curiosity about technology we are sure that you will know the right solution when you can’t save videos from VN applications to your cellphone gallery album. Of course your curiosity will guide you to continue exploring the VN application itself.

How to Save Video in VN to Hp Gallery
How to Save Video in VN to Hp Gallery

So you will dare to try to press whatever is in the VN application without any fear. That way you will know the ins and outs of the VN application. So without having to look for a guide on the internet, of course you will find yourself where the save video button in VN to your cellphone gallery is.

But indeed, if you feel unable and can no longer save videos in your VN application, then please read the guide below so that you are fluent in using the VN application. Of course, take it slow.

How to Save Video in VN App to Hp Gallery

For steps to be able to save videos on VN to your cellphone, check below.

  • Run the VN app and tap Skip.
  • Make sure you already have a video project that you want to save to the gallery.
  • Please open your project because our logic is that if you are looking for a way to save a video in VN to the gallery, it means that you already have a project but don’t know how to save the video to the gallery.
  • After the project is open, please finish your editing.
  • Then, you tap the button Export on the top right.
  • To make sure how to save videos in VN to the cellphone gallery is successful, then you select several feature options that appear on the screen according to your VN version.
  • Then select the sign (√) so that the process of saving VN videos to the gallery runs.
  • Now wait for the process Export done depending on the quality of your video.
  • There will be two choices, namely Save to Album and Save & Publish. Just choose the one Save to Album.
  • OK.

By following the steps above we are very sure that you will be able to save videos in VN Apk to your cellphone Gallery. So do it slowly.

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That’s our explanation of how to save videos in VN to Gallery. Hopefully the information we provide below can be useful for all of you. So keep stopping by to get the latest news from the world around technology.