How to Schedule a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

How to Schedule a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

How to Schedule a Meeting in Microsoft Teams.| In this article, you will read about the new features of Microsoft Teams and how you can schedule meetings in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams has had a major update since people started working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Whether it’s a new feature of 3×3 video streaming of meeting attendees or a hands-on feature for educational sessions or professional gatherings, Microsoft Teams never disappoints with its regular updates.

The latest update in Microsoft Teams is the Schedule Meeting feature, where you can schedule a meeting beforehand and send invitations to attend the meeting, just like Zoom or Google Meet. This new feature is useful in desktop applications and the best part is that you can join meetings from any platform, as it doesn’t have to be from a Microsoft Teams account.

With the new Meeting Scheduling feature in Microsoft Teams, the app has joined forces with virtual meeting scheduling competitors such as Zoom and Google Meet. If you have the desktop app from Microsoft Teams, you can schedule a meeting in a jiffy. Let’s see how.

How to Schedule a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

To schedule a meeting in Microsoft Teams, first you need to log in to your Teams account. After logging in, you will see a panel on the left where the option “Meetings” will be visible. Click on the tab “Meetings” and there you can access the meeting scheduling options.

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Click on the option “Schedule a Meeting” and there you will see a pop-up window which will ask to fill in the meeting details, such as Meeting title, date, and time. You can schedule the meeting duration as well. After selecting the time and date, you can click “Schedule“.

After clicking “Schedule“, you will be given a Meeting Invitation URL in the pop-up window. There are two ways in which you can send the invitation, either you can copy the link and send it privately to the person concerned, or you can share the meeting via Google Calendar.

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The copied invitation can be pasted into the corresponding contact and you can directly share the link. At the time of the meeting, the invited people can click on the link to join the meeting from the web platform. You can schedule your meeting in Microsoft Teams app as well.

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Red Thread | The Schedule Meeting option is the latest addition to the Microsoft Teams app. If we compare it with other platforms like Zoom or Google Meet, we can say that it is easier to schedule a meeting here as it requires less information and time.