How to Share Audio Video in Zoom Meeting

How to Share Audio Video in Zoom Meeting

How to Share Audio Video in Zoom Meeting.| The sharing screen process in the remote meeting app seems pretty straightforward. Hit the share screen button followed by selecting the window you want to share. Just that. What if you are in a meeting and you share a video but the participants can’t hear anything? It can be terrible. How to share video along with audio in Zoom Meeting? Find the answer in this article.

Share screen zoom allows you to share desktop, windows, apps or audio/video. Zoom lets you also send computer audio to remote participants while sharing videos or audio clips.

How to Share Audio Video in Zoom Meeting

Since the Share Video/audio feature in Zoom Meeting is available on both desktop and mobile PC applications, let’s break down the steps separately. To share audio / video such as YouTube, Pandora, etc., during the share screen in Zoom Meeting, follow the steps below:

Share Audio Video in Zoom Meeting (Desktop PC)

When you enable this feature, any audio playing on your computer will be heard by others. Here are the steps to share audio video in Zoom:

Step 1: Join a Zoom Meeting.
Step 2: Click button Share Screen which is in the bottom toolbar.

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Step 3: You will be shown a window which you can share. Select the one containing your video. It can be from a browser or a video on your computer. Then, check the box next to Share computer sound at the bottom and press the button share.

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PS: Others will even hear notifications and other sounds on your PC when you share computer sounds.

If you have started sharing screen, you don’t have to stop it to play computer audio. To share or stop computer audio after you start sharing screen, hover your mouse over the top edge of the screen. The toolbar will appear. Click the three dots icon and select Share computer sound. Repeat these steps to mute the audio.

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Share Video Audio in Zoom Meeting (Mobile Apps)

Even though share screen function is available in Android Zoom app, you cannot share audio together with it. However, things are different with the iOS version of the app where you can share the audio of your phone.

For that, you simply tap the button Share content at the bottom inside Zoom Meet. Then select Screen.

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Screen Broadcast will appear. Tap on Zoom and press the button Start Broadcast. Now, play audio or video on your phone and others will hear the same audio.

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To stop broadcasting, tap on the top edge of the screen and select Stop from the pop-up menu that appears. You will be taken to the Zoom screen. Tap anywhere to return to the call.

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That’s how to share video/audio in Zoom Meeting Desktop and mobile versions of PC. Hopefully this article is useful and thank you for visiting.