How to Slowmo in Capcut 2022

How to Slowmo in Capcut

How to Slowmo in Capcut – Are you a Capcut user? In this article, we will discuss how to make Slowmo in the Capcut application.

Slow motion is a new trend for today’s social media users, simply by adding the Slowmo effect to videos, and making your videos more attractive and aesthetically pleasing than before.

So many social media account users who want to make their videos have a slow motion effect, especially now that the application already exists, namely Capcut.Capcut can also run on Android or iOS, which is why many social media users use this application.

Almost all users of this Capcut application provide 4.5 branches, which are motivated by the ease of making slowmo or slow motion effects and other features provided.

Due to the trend of the slowmo effect being warm, up to more than 2.3 million active users have used and downloaded the application.

You can easily download the application on the Play Store, so you can immediately try and use the slowmo effect when you want to make videos.

Discussion on How to Slowmo in Capcut

Capcut is an editing application that is currently trending and also has very interesting features, one of which is that this Capcut application can change faces into anime faces.

You can rely on this application for those of you who want to make slowmo videos, and interesting and cool features that support it.

For those of you who don’t have the Capcut application, you can directly download it via the link that we will provide. Come on, download it, because this application will make it easier for you when making videos.

Curious about how to slowmo in this Capcut? Let’s see the steps you have to do as in the review below.

How to Slowmo in Capcut

1. How to Slowmo in Capcut or How to Make Slowmo in the Capcut Application

How to Slowmo in Capcut
How to Slowmo in Capcut Or How to Make Slowmo in the Capcut Application

Before you use or download the Capcut application, make sure your smartphone is sufficient to accommodate the capacity of this application.

Because the size of this application is quite large, we recommend that you check your smartphone’s storage settings first.

To make a slowmo video in this Capcut application, you can do it very easily, one of them is through the slowmo method in Capcut or how to make slowmo in the following Capcut application:

  • Download the Capcut application on the Google Play Store or via the following link (
  • After that, open the Capcut application that you downloaded and then click the “New Project” option.
  • Then in the gallery select the video that you want to slow down.
  • Input Audio by pressing the Audio button.
  • Then, select Extracted to extract Audio from another video.
  • Then mute the original sound of the video by tapping the video and then clicking the volume button.
  • After that click the “Split” button on the video that will be slowed down.
  • Then, press the “Speed” button.
  • By tapping the Normal button, you can lower the speed of the video to make it slowmo.
  • Lower the video speed to 0.5, for an aesthetic slowmo.
  • Then press the arrow button in the upper right corner to save the video that you have edited earlier.
  • After that to save the video to the gallery you just need to click on the “Export” option.

The final word

That’s the way to make slowmo videos through the Capcut application easily.

Because the method is quite easy and not so difficult, it will be a loss if you do not follow or practice the steps above.

Make sure when you download the Capcut application you have a stable internet network or sufficient credit.

If you are confused with the method above, you can do another way that you think is easy to do.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about how to slowmo in Capcut 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.