How to Tap CCTV Through HP 2022

How to Tap CCTV Via HP
How to Tap CCTV Via HP – In order to maintain security in an environment or place, be it buildings, offices, housing, or schools, it will be necessary to install CCTV cameras.

By using this CCTV, anything that is slightly suspicious can be detected properly and quickly outside the room or in a room that has a cctv camera installed.

CCTV is a sophisticated camera that functions to spy, this camera can also bring up time details, such as date, month, year, and hour.

Moreover, CCTV cameras can now be controlled remotely, so that it can make it easier for users to see an object recorded on CCTV remotely.

There are many people who are currently looking for a way to break into the CCTV camera.

And in this discussion, we will share how to break into private CCTV cameras or hacking private CCTV cameras.

Many searches on Google about how to hack CCTV cameras, but most of them only provide ways to hack Public CCTV cameras.

And here you will find out how to hack private CCTV cameras or Private CCTV cameras.

Now this has spread many ways to break into CCTV cameras using different ways of course.

There is one way to tap CCTV cameras up close and or remotely, namely through an Android phone.

Let’s go straight to how to tap CCTV via cellphone easily and quickly.

How to Tap CCTV Via HP

How to Tap CCTV Via Android Phone

How to Tap CCTV Via HP
How to Tap CCTV Via Android Phone

Steps by using this Android device, you can use the CCTV camera hack application, namely the Eagles Eye Android application.

Here are the steps on how to tap CCTV via an Android phone using the Eagles Eye Android application:

  • Please download the latest version of the Eagles Eye Plus Pro Version Mod application first, via the following link: Eagles Eye Plus Pro Version Mod.
  • Then install, then you open the application.
  • After that you connect to a WiFi network connection on your Android phone.
  • Next select and click the plus sign at the bottom left, and a pop up will appear, then press manual.
  • Next there will be an IP Address, Title, Port, Username and Password.
  • To be able to find out the IP address, you can download the WIFI FILE TRANSFER application via the following link: WIFI FILE TRANSFER.
  • If you have successfully installed it, the next step is to open the application, then click START, then the IP address will appear automatically.
  • The next step is to fill in the IP address with what you already know, while the title can be filled in using any name (optional).
  • You can see the Username in the settings for the WiFi network connection that is already connected
  • To enter a password, you can enter it with the password that is used.
  • However, if you haven’t obtained the WiFi password before taking steps to hack CCTV cameras via an Android cellphone, then you must first hack the WiFi around you.

To get the WiFi password you can use CMD or the many applications on the Google Play Store.

The final word

That’s the way to get or tap the CCTV camera footage around you.

To use this method of hacking CCTV cameras through an Android cellphone that is proven to work 100%, it should be used according to the terms and rules.

Because if it is used outside the rules, it will be able to violate the law and can be punished with imprisonment.

That’s our whole discussion in this article about how to tap CCTV via cellphone. That’s all and good luck.