How to top up Gopay via ATM BCA 2022

How to top up Gopay via ATM BCA

How to top up Gopay via ATM BCA – Current technological developments are increasing, making it easier for us to do several things, both in terms of making transactions easier, be it motorcycle taxis, taxis or various other types of services.

In every convenience that is now getting easier, and all types of convenience you can immediately feel by you users of the Gojek application.

Gopay is an application that you must have, this digital money application has various types of payments, one of which is when you make a Gojek payment, you can use the application but you must have a balance of money in this application.

Discussion on how to top up Gopay via ATM BCA

Gopay can not only be done for Gojek transactions, there are several transactions at Merchant in the application that are not related to Gojek, we can see payments using GoPay.

You must have the E-Money application on your smartphone, besides being easy to use, the application is also very safe to use.

To top up the E-Money balance, it is enough to fill in with money or what is often referred to as a top up, top up is very easy to do and at any time.

Meanwhile, to top up E-Money balance, you have to fill it with money or often also called Top up, while top up is very easy and can be done anytime.

On this occasion, OJEKONLINE.CO.ID provides information on how to top up your Gopay balance via ATM BCA, which can be an alternative for you to top up your Gopay balance.

For those of you who have a digital wallet account, the application created by PT. Nation’s Work.

Maybe you often feel confused when filling out the GoPay application account that you currently have.

Now, please refer to the steps on how to fill Gopay via BCA ATM in the description below.

How to top up Gopay via ATM BCA

How to top up Gopay via the newest BCA ATM

How to top up Gopay via ATM BCA
How to top up Gopay via ATM BCA

Here’s how to top up Gopay via ATM BCA:

  1. How to top up your Gopay balance via a BCA ATM account, you must check the server before you start the transfer stage, make sure first on the official Bank BCA website, whether the server used is in trouble or not, if there is a problem, your transfer cannot transfer within a moment ago.
  2. If the server does not experience interference, you can go directly to the nearest BCA ATM to make a transfer to your Gopay account.
  3. Insert your BCA ATM card into the ATM machine with the card element position facing up and in front, specify a menu with the amount of money withdrawn, check balance and transfer, then click the transfer menu on your ATM screen.
  4. After selecting transfer, features will appear, one of which is the BCA Virtual Account, this feature you use is specifically for the needs of topping up a virtual account that has been linked to the BCA ATM that you currently have.
  5. after having the features as above, enter your Gopay account using the mobile number you registered in your Gopay account as the account number and the company code for Gojek is 70001.
  6. enter the account code into the account filling feature you are aiming for, for example: 700108774675866678, the format is the Gojek company code and your phone number that has been registered on your Gojek account.
  7. re-check the account number that you input, whether it is correct to enter all the numbers or maybe you missed a number in entering the numbers, or even you can send the wrong balance to someone else’s virtual account.
  8. If it is correct with the account number, you fill in the amount of balance that you will fill into your Gopay account with a minimum balance filling in the Gopay application, which is Rp. 10,000 with an administration fee of Rp. 1,000 every time you make a transaction.
  9. Select the next menu, if the BCA virtual account account number is correct, the name of the account owner will appear, and if the number entered does not match, the ATM will notify you if the account is incorrect and not registered.
  10. You will be shown an account number, virtual account, transfer amount and the name of the virtual account owner who intends to notify that the destination account is correct so as to minimize errors in transferring your money.
  11. The finishing stage, the stage of the transfer process into your virtual account, just wait for a while so that your ATM card comes out of the ATM machine, it indicates the transaction process on your virtual account has been completed and then the proof of transfer required for filling the balance will appear.
  12. Finished

So those are the easy steps to top up your Gopay account using a BCA ATM, apart from using a BCA ATM, you can also do it in other ways, such as top up at Alfamart and Indomart.

You can also top up using BCA Mobile, the process is not much different from using your BCA ATM.

The final word

Technological developments at this time increasingly make it easier for us to carry out several activities, in making it easier for us to carry out transactions, be it motorcycle taxis, delivery of goods, food, and various other types of services.

Gopay itself is an application that you must have as your digital money application in the Gojek payment process.

In Gojek there is also an E-Money feature which is often called Gopay, but E-Money has several transactions at Merchants that are not related to Gojek who make payments with Gopay.

You must also have the E-Money application on your smartphone because in addition to being easy and practical to use, this application is also very safe to use.

It is also very easy to fill up your gopay balance via your BCA ATM by understanding or following the steps.

Thus the contents of the discussion of our article about how to top up Gopay via ATM BCA latest 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.