How to top up Gopay via BRIMO 2022

How to top up Gopay via BRIMOHow to top up Gopay via Brimo – Living in an era that is all digital or the internet as it is today, there are indeed many advantages, for example, you can make payments non-cash because there are already digital wallets such as OVO, DANA, LinkAja, GOPAY and others.

Various kinds of products have been provided and you can make merchant payments online or offline, for example Gopay can be used for transactions in the merchandiser or in the Gojek application, but you have to pay attention to whether your Gopay balance is sufficient for payment or not.

If your balance is not enough, you can top up your balance in several existing methods, and each method has an easy and fast process, just adjust it to the account you have, for example, if you have a BNI and BRIMO ATM, you can even if you don’t. in the Gojek application.

Then how do I top up my Gopay balance via Brimo, while it’s not available on Gojek? take it easy, you can do everything just by using the ATM Bersama network.

Discussion on how to top up Gopay via BRIMO

Before you as a Gopay user, you must also know in advance what the requirements are and how much the service fee will be.
Terms of Filling Balance Through Brimo

There are no special requirements if you want to top up your Gopay balance via Brimo, just make sure your account balance is more than enough to top up the balance plus service fees will usually be charged during the transfer process.

If the user wants to withdraw the balance to a bank account, your Gopay account must first upgrade to Gopay Plus, for the top up process, the balance is not necessary but should be upgraded so that the account gets security guarantees from Gojek.
Gopay Balance Charges Via Brimo

Every time you make a transaction such as Cash In and Cash Out, you will be charged a service fee as well as digital wallet products, and the service fee depends on the type of transaction that will be carried out by each Gopay user.

The transaction fee that will be made when transferring from the bank to gopay, the service fee is Rp. 1,000 per transaction, the nominal is the same as with OVO, DANA and others except for LinkAja and ShopeePlay, there is no service fee at all.

Please see how to fill in Gopay via BRIMO below.

How to top up Gopay via Brimo

How to top up Gopay via BRIMO
How to top up Gopay via BRIMO

Although BRI has not yet joined, like BNI, Mandiri and others, customers can top up their Gopay balance via Brimo.

Here’s how to top up Gopay via Brimo:

  • Open the Gojek application, because Gopay accounts can be accessed through the application.
  • Then enter the main view of the application, then just tap the Top Up menu at the top middle.
  • Tap Other Methods.
  • Choose Internet Banking, the method to top up your balance, you start from minimarkets, bank transfers and others, just choose via internet banking.
  • Click ATM Bersama, you are here to select all ATM Bersama except BRI bank because it has not joined the service.
  • Copy the Virtual Account code, the virtual account code will automatically appear, please copy the number or just copy it, then you open the Brimo application.
  • Open the Brimo Application, enter your username and password.
  • Select Digital Wallet, if you have successfully logged in, scroll down, find the Digital Wallet menu, then click it.
  • Click New Top Up at the bottom if you have never made a transaction.
  • Fill in the Digital Wallet Details, starting with the “Gopay” type, Gopay is filled in by the customer, enter the registered cellphone number in the Gojek application then tap continue.
  • Determine the Nominal Top Up, usually the minimum balance is IDR 10,000 or please specify the nominal amount that you will fill.
  • Confirm and Enter the PIN, if everything is filled in correctly, then you confirm by entering your Bromo account PIN.
  • It works, after the payment is successful, you can directly check into the Gojek application whether the Gopay balance has been entered or not.

The final word

There are many advantages in today’s era, especially with the development of the internet world which is increasingly ruling the world among the people.

Everything can be done as well as your payments, can be done digitally or non-cash because there are already digital wallets such as OVO, DANA, LinkAja, GOPAY and others.

Various methods can be processed easily and quickly, just adjust it to the account you have in the Gojek application.

Thus the contents of our current article discussion about how to top up Gopay via BRIMO 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.